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Near Edge X-ray Absorption Fine Structure


 table-top NEXAFS

 proXAS is the first system on the market to offer NEXAFS  measurements in a 


 Fingerprinting for element analysis is now possible in-house with fast and 

 accurate  results.

 It combines a highly-reliable laser-based XUV source and a customized 

 spectrometer with an extremely high resolving power of 1900. 

 The energy range 200-1200eV allows for measurements at the K-edge of

 elements such as C, N, O, Ca, K, Ti.



Integrated NEXAFS  system

 First integrated table-top NEXAFS spectroscopy solution

 No need to apply and wait for beamtime

 Chemical state analysis for geology, biology, materials 


 Fast polychromatic acquisition

Synchrotron-quality spectra

 Energy range 200 to 1200eV

 High resolving power of 1900

 Extremely high surface sensitivity

 Information on molecular orbitals, oxidation 

    state, coordination number

 Software suite for spectra analysis


 Analysis of organic materials, e.g. 

    lipid membranes, humic acids,polymer 

    films, especially at carbon K-absorption 


 Surface-sensitive chemical analysis of C, N, 

    O, Ca, K, Ti


     NEXAFS spectrum at the carbon K-edge of a polyimide film 

        (t=200nm), measured with tabletop system, averaged over 

        60 pulses.

     Insert, NEXAFS spectrum recorded at a synchrotron for comparison.

     XUV light source using a highly-reliable laser produced plasma.

     Energy range  200-1200eV.

     Repetition rate 25Hz



   NEXAFS spectrum at the carbon K-edge of a polyimide film (t=200nm).

   (1) measured with the table-top system, averaging over 60 pulses.

   (2) NEXAFS spectrum recorded at a synchrotron for comparison


   Surface science

   Chemical state analysis in geochemistry

   Electronic structure and oxidation state analysis

Please check the table below for individual specifications

Product Brochure English: Near Edge X-ray Absorption Fine Structure

 Source debris-free laser-produced plasma XUV source
 Energy range 200-1200eV / 1-6nm
 Repetition rate 25Hz

 Source power stability

 Spectrometer aberration-corrected flat-field spectrometer
 Resolving power 1900
 Sample mount turret mount for multiple samples
 Footprint 1.5m x 1.0m
 Software suite integrated system control, variety of spectra calibration and analysis functions

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