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Wideband Handheld Confocal Raman Skin Analyzer | SIMTRUM Photonics Store

Wideband Handheld Confocal Raman Skin Analyzer

DermDive - The first portable wideband confocal Raman Skin Analyzer in the world!


Confocal Raman Spectroscopy (CRS) is a groundbreaking optical technology used extensively for biological tissue analysis, prized for its noninvasive approach, pinpoint accuracy and comprehensive biochemical insights. Despite its advantages, traditional CRS systems are encumbered by limited detection, cumbersome designs, reduced flexibility, slow data collection, and escalated costs.

To counter these challenges, we are developed a compact, handheld CRS system, aptly named “DermDive”.  DermDive is the world first wideband handheld confocal Raman skin analyzer covering both finger-print region (FP, 450–1750 cm–1) and high wavenumber region (HW, 2800–3800 cm–1) with a handheld probe. DermDive has adjustable and user-defined measurement time suitable for various applications. It provides molecular information at different skin layers noninvasively, up to 200.


DermDive is designed to be user-friendly for skin diagnosis on various parts of human body, thanks to its flexibility.



  • A harmonized integration of single or dual-wavelength lasers through an efficient (>90%) wavelength combiner, enabling near-instantaneous excitation.
  • The groundbreaking Raman Spectra Separation Algorithm (PRSSA), a pioneer in spectrum separation, harnessing the maximum a posteriori probability (MAP) estimate. This offers an astounding >99% accuracy, as evidenced in both laboratory simulations and real-time human skin analyses.
  • A notable reduction in data collection time, outpacing conventional CRS systems by over 50%.

          Noninvasive                        Depth profiling

          Fast                                     Safe

          User friendly                         Fingerprint region + high wavenumber region



Light Path Diagram


Light Path Diagram



Available Raman Spectra Database

Natural moisturizing factors (NMF), water, ceramide, keratin, lactic acid, urea, urocanic acid at different depths.





Product specifications and Brochures

Product Brochure Link: Brochure

Parameter DermDive
Detection Range FP: 450 – 1750cm-1; HW: 2800-3750cm-1
Axial Resolution 10um~20um
Stratum Corneum Thickness up to 200nm
Sensitivity 60dB
Scanning Time 2-10s/depth
Probe Size ~12 cm × 6 cm × 5 cm
Probe Weight ~800g
Device Size ~ H: 1m, W: 50cm, L: 50cm
Device Weight ~ 40kg
Raman Library Natural Moisturizing Factors(NMF):
Pyrrolidone carboxylic acid
Lactic acid
Urocanic acid
Water content
Other Parameters Stratum corneum thickness
Penetration depth of a certain chemical
Other chemicals of interest upon request


Benchmarking with RiverD Benchtop CRS

Spectra of DermDive and RiverD at single depth and Various depths. Spectra qualities are comparable.



Optical Performance Characterization

Axial resolutions and sensitivities with different optical components.

Name Model Wavelength Range Detector Resolution Noise Ratio Dynamic Range

High Resolution Spectrometer

L Sereis 200-1100nm Hamamatsu,S11639,2048 pixels <1nm customizable 500:1 2000:1

High Resolution Spectrometer

H Series 200-1100nm Hamamatsu,S11639,2048 pixels <1nm customizable 500:1 2000:1

Back Illuminated Spectrometer

M Series 200-1100nm Hamamatsu,S10420,64×2048 pixels <1nm customizable 800:1 5000:1

Hi Sensitivity Cooled Spectrometer 

MC Serie 200-1100nm Hamamatsu,S7031,64×1044 pixels <1nm customizable 1000:1 10000:1

Handheld Raman System 

RM 785/1064nm

Band Range 

200-3200cm-1/ 200-2500cm-1

6 - 8 cm-1    

Portable Tabletop Raman System

RMT EZ 785nm Band Range  200-3200cm-1
7 cm-1  typical    

Portable Tabletop Raman System

RMT 532/785/1064nm

Band Range 


8 - 9 cm-1 typical


SIMSCOP_P_Series Laser Scanning Confocal Microscope,
High Speed Line Scan Confocal Microscope
Fluorescence / Photoluminescence Microscope
Time Correlated Single Photon Counting (Solution) 


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Wideband Handheld Confocal Raman Skin Analyzer, Detection Range: FP: 450 – 1750cm-1; HW: 2800-3750cm-1, Axial Resolution: 10um~20um, Sensitivity: 60dB, Scanning Time: 2-10s/depth
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DermDive - Parameter

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Compare Model Drawings & Specs Availability Reference Price