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Wide Field /Confocal Raman Microscope | SIMTRUM Photonics

Confocal Raman Microscope

MicroRam - Widefield Raman Microscope and Confocal Raman Microscope

Micro Raman is an easy-to-use tool for acquiring Raman Spectrum, with a motorized stage customers can perform Raman spectral image mapping of the samples. we have both Widefield and Confocal Raman model.

SIMTRUM’s Micro-Raman adopted a modular design concept, with an external connection port, providing great flexibility. Customers can always connect an external laser source or spectrometers to the systems.


Furthermore, our XY Microscope Piezo Stages has been designed for use our SIMSCOP Series Microscopes to provide motorized XY positioning of microscopy  samples. Access for SIMTRUM's XY Microscope Stages can be click here.



- Raman spectral mapping: Acquisition of Raman Spectral at every image pixel

Photoluminescence micro-spectroscopy

Multi-channel design

Using referenced scan image to get localized spectrum

Standard laser wavelengths offered include 532, 785, and 1064nm, with more available upon request.

Standard Raman spectrometers, option for large NA high sensitivity Raman spectrometer.

Option for Bright Field or Dark Field microscope

Standard Free space setup, option for external fiber port.



Product Brochure Link: 



- Biology and Life Sciences

- Materials Science

- Graphene and Carbon Nanotubes

- Nanomaterials


- Catalysts

- Semiconductor

- Process Contamination Analysis

- Pharmaceutical Quality Control





Micro-Raman Optical Setup



Software Function

Support Raman spectrum mapping, and single Raman measurement

- Based on node.js Electron framework

- Support Windows, Linux-based OS, for professional customers.

- Integrated mighty open-source chart, supporting various gestures.

- Support wavelet smoothing algorithm, specially built for Raman application, can improve user spectrum SNR significantly.


Example for 532 Raman for Si Condition  



Standard System specifications and Brochures

Product Brochure Link: 

Laser Choice532nm785nm1064nm
Laser PowerMulti Mode: 100mW
    Single Mode: 100mW
Multi Mode: 500mW
    Single Mode: 100mW
Multi Mode: 500mW
    Single Mode: Not Supported
Raman RangeTypical: 150~3200cm-1Typical: 150~3200cm-1Typical: 150~2500cm-1
DetectorRefrigeration area array back light
Refrigeration area array back light
Cooled InGaAs
Single Mode Spot size<1um@100x≤1um@100x20um@100x
    (Multi Mode)
Lighting MethodKohler Lighting & Darkfield Lighting
Objective5 Port Turret :Objective choice 10X,20X,50x,100X
Imaging Camera16Mega Pixels,Pixel size:   1.34 x 1.34um
Travel distance130 × 85 mm
Bidirectional Repeated Positioning Accuracy+/- 1um
Precision controlBuilt-in grating ruler full closed loop control
Max. Speed20mm/s
Max. Load6.8kg

Upgraded System with Our High Sensitivity Spectrometer(HiNA)

HiNA vs QEP -  HiNA is 6.76x of QEPro on the Sensitivity Comparison

Sensitivity Comparison

10ms Un-normalized

Sensitivity Comparison

HiNA - 10ms, normalized with 65535 as maximum range

QE- 70ms, normalized with 200000 as the maximum range

Resolution Comparison

Test Conditions

1, A halogen lamp, blocks the light with a baffle so that the intensity is close to HiNA60000counts@10ms

2, Optical fiber: 600um

3, HiNA un-cooling, GODZ un-cooling, QEPro cooling

Calculation Process

1, QEpro reaches 18w counts at 70ms, reaching 90% of the saturation range (20W);

2, HiNA reaches 5.7W in 10ms, reaching 87% of the saturation range (63335);

3, Magnification calculations: 0.87/0.9 x 7=6.76

HiNA specifications and Brochures

Product Brochure Link:  

Raman Range0~3600cm -10~2480cm -10~1700cm -1
Band Range530~658nm780-975nm1064~1300nm
Resolution ( @50um slit)


16cm -1


10cm -1


7cm -1

Slit Width*25~200um50~200um50~200um
Dynamic range10000 : 114000 : 1
Signal to Noise Ratio1000 :11000 : 1
Integration Time7 ms -30 mins5 us - 30 mins
CCD Detector**Hamamatsu, S7031-1006SHamamatsu, G14237-512WA
Built-in Filter

Minimum wave number

200cm -1

Minimum wave number

200cm -1

Minimum wave number

200cm -1

Size170 x 179 x 64.5mm
Step Drawings

* Customicable

** The Spectral Response of the Hamamatsu CCD detector is as follows


Compatible with SIMTRUM Cryostat to perform Low-temperature Raman measurements -190 to 600 degrees

8 probe arm able to upgrade to adjustable probe arm

 Reflection or transmission mode available

Upgrade Using referenced scan image to get localized spectrum

 Laser excitation on point A

 Raman detection on point B

 Manual localization●

Update to SIMTRUM Large NA High Sensitivity Raman Spectrometer

 Specialized for low signal Raman measurement

 530, 785, or 1064 available

Upgrade to confocal Raman imaging for Depth profiling

 3D imaging construction

 Different laser wavelength choice 

 High image resolution

Add SIMTRUM Spectrometer for UV, VIS, NIR Spectral Measurement

 Wavelength range from 200 to 2500nm

 Spectral resolution up to 0.1nm 

Additional Lasers or Multi-wavelength upgradeable

Upgrade to Piezo stage for Nanometer scan sample scanning

Name Model Wavelength Range Detector Resolution Noise Ratio Dynamic Range

High Resolution Spectrometer

L Sereis 200-1100nm Hamamatsu,S11639,2048 pixels <1nm customizable 500:1 2000:1

High Resolution Spectrometer

H Series 200-1100nm Hamamatsu,S11639,2048 pixels <1nm customizable 500:1 2000:1

Back Illuminated Spectrometer

M Series 200-1100nm Hamamatsu,S10420,64×2048 pixels <1nm customizable 800:1 5000:1

Hi Sensitivity Cooled Spectrometer 

MC Serie 200-1100nm Hamamatsu,S7031,64×1044 pixels <1nm customizable 1000:1 10000:1

Handheld Raman System 

RM 785/1064nm

Band Range 

200-3200cm-1/ 200-2500cm-1

6 - 8 cm-1    

Portable Tabletop Raman System

RMT EZ 785nm Band Range  200-3200cm-1
7 cm-1  typical    

Portable Tabletop Raman System

RMT 532/785/1064nm

Band Range 


8 - 9 cm-1 typical


SIMSCOP_P_Series Laser Scanning Confocal Microscope,
High Speed Line Scan Confocal Microscope
Fluorescence / Photoluminescence Microscope
Time Correlated Single Photon Counting (Solution) 



XY Microscope Piezo Stages
Model ST-XY3-11075 ST-XY2-7550
Stroke(mm) 110 X 75 75 X 50
Driver Piezoelectric Motor Piezoelectric Motor
Maximum Load Capacity(KG) 1 1
Maximum Speed(mm/s) 100 100
Minimum Step Size(nm) 20 (50, 100nm for option) 50
Repeatability(nm) +/-200 +/-200
Position Sensor Grating Grating
Material Aluminum Alloy Aluminum Alloy
Weight(KG) 3.3 2.5

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Raman Microscope Wide Field, Laser power 100mW, linewidth <0.1nm, Raman range typical 150~3200cm-1, Resolution 8cm-1, refrigeration are array back light CCD, single mode spot size <1um@100x
6-8 weeks Request for quote
Raman Microscope Wide Field, Laser power Multi mode-500mW, Single mode-100mW, linewidth <0.1nm, Raman range typical 150~3200cm-1, Resolution 8cm-1, refrigeration are array back light CCD, single mode spot size <1um@100x
6-8 weeks Request for quote
Raman Microscope Wide Field, Laser power Multi mode-500mW, not supported single mode, linewidth <0.1nm, Raman range typical 150~2500cm-1, Resolution 10cm-1, cooled InGaAs detector, Multi mode spot size 20um@100x
6-8 weeks Request for quote

MicroRam-1064 - Parameter

MicroRam-785 - Parameter

MicroRam-532 - Parameter

MicroRam-1064 - Download

MicroRam-785 - Download

MicroRam-532 - Download


Compare Model Drawings & Specs Availability Reference Price