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2 Micron Tunable Laser (1900-2000nm) | SIMTRUM Photonics Store

2 Micron CW Tunable Laser (1900-2000nm)

2000nm Widely Tunable Fiber Laser - SuperTune2000

SuperTune2000 is a highly stable, widely tunable CW laser specially designed for the testing of optical components made for a 2um wavelength.

SuperTune2000 covers the wavelength range of 1900~2000nm, with a good cost-performance ratio, and bridged a gap in MIR and NIR wavelength range. Supertune-2000 can be also combined with TDFAs to achieve Watt-level power output.

2000nm Widely Tuneable Laser picture 1

SuperTune2000 is widely used in the testing of passive-fiber, optical coating, optical detectors and integrated optical parts around 2um. With its simple and smart design, it is a good platform for applications such as industrial detection, and long-wavelength optical testing platforms.


 - Fast wavelength sweep

 - High spatial resolution

 - Excellent power stability

 - Diffraction limited beam

 - Turn-key system


 - Gas sensing

 - Biomedical analysis

 - Test and measurement

 - Spectroscopy

 - Silicon photonics

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Product specifications and Brochures

Product Brochure Link: 

Laser Parameters
Tuning Wavelengthnm1900-2000 nm
Output Bandwidthnm< 1 nm
Tuning Stepnm0.1 nm
Wavelength Accuracynm< 0.2 nm
Average PowermW> 1 mW
Average Power Stability% RMS<1 % RMS (12h@25°C)
Beam Diameter
M 2 < 1.2
Output Fiber
SM2000 Fiber, FC/APC Connector
Electrical, Environmental and Mechanical Parameters
Power ConsumptionWatt< 150 Watt
Trigger SignalV1 V @50 Ohm
Supply VoltageVAC100 - 240
Operational Temperature Range°C15-35
Operational Humidity Range%20-80 ( Non-condensing )
Weight Laser Headkg17
Dimensions Laser Headmm (LxWxH)517 x 310 x 152 mm

Test Data

Output Spectrum
Output Power

Output Power

 Operating interface

 Machine Drawing

Wavelength(nm)TypeOutput Power

C-band Tunable Laser

1529.16~1567.13CWUp to 200mW

L-band Tunable Laser

1554.94~1607.46CWUp to 200mW

2000nm Widely Tunable Laser 


Supercontinuum Fiber Lasers 450-2300nm

450-2300PS Pulse1W Average

Broadband Femtosecond Laser 950 -1150nm

950-1150FS Pulse150mW Average

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2000nm Widely Tunable Laser, operation wavelength 1900-2050nm, average power >30W, output polarization Random
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ST2000 - Parameter

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