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Scientific Cameras | SIMTRUM Photonics Store

Scientific CMOS Cameras

SIMTRUM Provides a few types of Scientic Cameras, including sCMOS Camera in visible and NIR range, X-Ray sCMOS Camera, XUV/VUV Camera, and Terahertz Camera / Beam profiler. 

  Wavelength Type QE Resolution Pixel size Frame Rate
X-RAY sCMOS Camera  80-1000eV BSI sCMOS ~100% full range 2048 * 2048 22.5um or 13.3um  48
XUV/VUV CCD Camera 1-350nm  BSI/FSI CCD  Refer to brochure 1024 * 255 26um  
VIS-NIR sCMOS Camera 200-1100nm BSI/FSI sCMOS 58-95%  4MP,16MP,36MP  11um, 13.3um, 22.5um  up to 100
Intensified CMOS Camera 200-1100nm Intensified CMOS   1MP , 2MP 6um, 10um, up to 7500

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