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Femtosecond Pulse Fiber Laser | SIMTRUM Photonics Store

Femtosecond Pulse Fiber Laser 780nm-2um

SIMTRUM offers three types of femtosecond laser for 780nm, 1560nm, and 2000nm 

ProductWavelength RangePulse WidthAverage PowerRep RatePulse Energy
780nm Femtosecond Laser  780±10 nm<100 fs>30 mW80 MHz>0.4 nJ
780/1560nm Dual Output FS Laser780/1560±10 nm<100 fs>100mW80 Mhz>1.25 nJ
1030nm Femtosecond Laser  1030±5 nm>200 fs>60 mW25 MHz>4 nJ
1040/50nm Femtosecond Laser  1040/50nm<150 fs5 - 10 W80 Mhz>80 nJ
1560nm Femtosecond Laser  1560±10 nm50 - 500 fs1 mW - 1 W80 Mhz - 200 MHz>10 nJ
2000nm Femtosecond Laser 1970±10 nm200 fs200 mW80 MHz>2.5 nJ

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