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Infrared Detectors/Cameras

Infrared Cameras, sensors and monitoring systems provide some of the best non-contact temperature measurement system for industrial and research applications. Partnering with DIAS GmbH, SIMTRUM covers 4 main device groups - Infrared cameras, Infrared Line arrays, Pyrometers and Infrared detectors. Together with the devices, Black body infrared calibration sources are availale. 

Spectral Coverage

Full spectrum wavelength coverage by Near Infrared cameras (NIR), Mid Wave Infrared cameras (MWIR) and Long Wave Infrared camera (LWIR). The wide spectral coverage corresponds to a wide range of temperatures covered making these cameras ideal for industries working with different materials from wood to metals.

Industrial Infrared Cameras

Models come with varying temperature ranges, resolutions, sensor sizes, and optics for field of view selection. Suitable for rugged industrial applications these systems are suitable for remote temperature measurement, and temperature monitoring systems.  Protective housings are available. 

Research Based Applications

Infrared detectors and arrays more suited for research applications and prototype - building is also available. Suitable for applications like Fourier Transform Infrared Spectroscopy (FTIR) - detectors and arrays are available with different pixel size, pitch, pixel count and more. (OEM Solutions available - please contact us below).


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