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Microscope Systems | SIMTRUM Photonics Store

Microscope Systems

SIMTRUM Manufactur microscope related systems and solutions, our main focus is on confocal microscope system, below is the systems or solutions we produced. if you need customized system please contact us 

ParametersBasic P Series BoxBasic P SeriesAdvance P SeriesBasic L SeriesAdvance L SeriesSpinDisk BasicSpinDisk AdvanceSIM BasicSpinDisk SIM
Image Frame Rate4fps@512x5124fps@512x5124fps@512x51210fps@1024x102414fps@1024x1024100fps@2048x2048100fps@2048x204813fps@1024x102413fps@1024x1024
Resolution~230 nm ~230 nm ~230 nm ~230 nm 150-200nm~230 nm ~230 nm ~100 nm ~100 nm 
Image Depth<100µm<100µm<100µm<100µm<600µm<200µm<200µm<50µm<200µm
No. of Laser 114144444
Wavelength Available Choice 405 / 445 / 488 / 525 / 561 / 640(nm)  | Customized Wavelength available
DetectorsDetectorDetectorDetectorCMOS CamerasCMOS CamerasCMOS CameraDual sCMOS CamerasCMOS CameraDual sCMOS Camera
Microscope NonInverted (Upright Customizeable)Inverted (Upright Customizeable)Inverted (Upright Customizeable)Inverted (Upright Customizeable)Inverted or Upright Inverted or Upright Inverted or Upright Inverted
StagesNonZ Motorized XY ManualXYZ Motorized Z Motorized
XY Manual
XYZ Motorized XYZ Motorized XYZ Motorized XYZ Motorized XYZ Motorized 
image contrastMediumMediumHighMediumHighHighHighHighHigh

Technical Support Available: Contact us  You can download our full Product Line Card Click Here