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CW Single Wavelength Fiber Laser

The Single Wavelength Fiber Laser series uses butterfly semiconductor laser chip/distributed feedback (DFB) semiconductor laser chip to ensure safe and stable operation of the laser, output power and spectral stability. They are all available in desktop or modular packages. The wavelengths we provide are from 1064nm-1570nm. 


Spectral   Line Width

Output   power

Edge   band suppression ratio (dB)

Short   (dB) 

Long   (dB)


<0.1 nm

100/200/300/400 mW


≤ ±0.02

≤ ± 0.05


≤ 3 MHz

5/10/20 mW




200/400/500 mW


1550 Lo


10/20/50/100/200 mW


1550 Hi

<0.1 nm 

1/2/5/10/15 W


10/20/30/33/37 dBm

*Customization of parameters such as output power are available. 

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