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DPSS / Diode Lasers | SIMTRUM Photonics Store

DPSS / Diode Lasers

SIMTRUM Provides a few types of DPSS / Diode laser, included CW Pigtail laser diode, CW Laser Diode Module , Triplex (RGB) Fiber Coupled laser Diode, DPSS Nanosecond Puled laser, DFB/FP Picosecond laser 

CW Pigtail laser diode: Wavelngth choice: 400 - 1920 nm | Power level: customizeable | Fiber outout: SM/PM
CW Diode laser ModuleWavelength Choice: 375nm- 785nm | Power level: 10 - 200mW |  Laser Output: Free space / Fiber
DPSS Pulsed Nanosecond Laser: Wavelength: 266nm, 351nm, 355nm, 527nm, 532nm, 1064nm, 3.4um | Pulse Width: 10-100ns  | Pulse energy: uJ to mJ level 
DFB/FP Pulsed Picosecond laser:  Wavelength: 370nm to 1550nm | Pulse Width: <100ps  |  Peak power: 20mW to 400mW

High-Power Femtosecond Solid-State Lasers: Output Power: 10W,20W |  Pulse Duration: <250fs  |  Single Pulse Energy:200/400μJ,1mJ,0.4/1mJ,2mJ

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