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Laser Beam Profilers | SIMTRUM Photonics Store

Laser Beam Profilers

Measure beam intensity and spatial profile using Femtoeasy's top of the line CMOS Beam Profilers. With spectral coverage in the ultraviolet, visible and near infrared ranges. choose from our different sizes of beamprofilers with varying sensor size, resolutions and pixel sizes, find a beam profiler that best matches your needs. 


Model Sensor size Resolution Range Wavelength Range
Standard Beam profiler up to 14.6mm up to 24Mpx 190nm to 1100nm
1 inch Aperture Beam profiler up to 25mm up to 4.2Mpx 190nm to 1100nm
SWIR Beam Profiler 9.6 *7.7mm 640 * 512 900nm to 1700nm
IR Beam Profiler 10.88 * 8.16mm 540 * 480 2um to 16um
Terahertz Beam Profiler 11.3 *11.3 mm up to 4.2Mpx 1- 18 Thz
Scan Slit Beam Profiler Up to 4mm   190nm to 2500nm

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