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Microscope CMOS Camera (UV-NIR) | SIMTRUM Photonics Store

Microscope CMOS Camera (UV-NIR)

SIMTRUM Provides different type of CMOS camera, 

Camera CategoryResolutionPixel SizeFPSWavelengthNote
Large Format TC-Cooling USB3.0 CMOS Camera24MP and 61MP 5.94um and 3.76umupto 190FPS380nm -650nm
UV extended available
TE-Cooling USB3.0 CMOS Camera10MP to 45MP4.63um to 2.31umupto 96FPS380nm - 650nmIR Cut filter
TE-Cooling USB3.0 CMOS Camera with  External Trigger0.5MP / 0.5MP6.9um / 9um20FPS380nm - 650nm
External Trigger
Microscope USB3.0 CMOS Camera0.5MP to 45MP
6.9um to 1.55umupto 520FPS380nm - 650nmIR Cut filter
Microscope USB3.0 CMOS Camera UV Enhanced1.3MP to 10MP9.7um to 4.6umupto 86FPS200nm - 1100nm
Microscope USB3.0 CMOS Camera wish ISP1.5MP to 45MP
3.4um to 1.2umupto 165FPS380nm - 650nmIR Cut filter / ISP
Eyepiece USB3.0 CMOS Camera5MP2um30FPS380nm - 650nmIR Cut filter

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