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Temperature Control Stage 77K

LRT-001 is a device which allows users to have temperature and environmental control from < -190°C to 600°C with options for probes and electrical connections. Ideal for testing composition, phase change, etc., in many different environments, the LRT-001 is suited for the semiconductor, electromechanical, physics, chemistry, optoelectronics industry.

Key Features

Airtight chamber design can pass protective gas and multiple probes

Compact and suitable for various variable temperature tests

Removable and replaceable window made of different materials of glass to achieve different wavelengths

Circulating water to prevent the shell from over



Magnetic suction probe is attached to the base through the magnet at the bottom making the probe easily movable


Fixed probe with adjustable contact point position and pressure to the sample allowing good electrical contact

General Specifications

Optical Indicators

Typical Value




Temperature Range Selection

Lower limit temperature (selection): A. -100 B. -120 C. -150 D. -190

Upper limit temperature (selection): A.  100 B.  200 C. 400 D. 600

Temperature Control Speed


Temperature Resolution


Temperature Stability

±0.1°C (>-120°C),   ±0.3°C (<-160 C)

Temperature Control

High-precision PID control

Sample Carrier Material


Temperature Sensor


Optical Path

Reflective optical path

Transmitted light path available


Removable and replaceable window

Different materials to achieve different wavelengths

Lens Working Distance


Light Transmission Hole

No light transmission hole

Light transmission hole available

Upper Cover Window


Window Defrosting

Blowing and defrosting under negative temperature

Sample Table Size


Subject to actual size

Sample Cavity Height



Place sample after removing the upper cover and fix the probe

Atmosphere Control

Airtight chamber filled with protective atmosphere

Vacuum chamber, 10-3mBar available

Shell Cooling

Circulating water to prevent the shell from overheating

Installation Fixed

Horizontal installation

Vertical installation available

Table Body Size

160mm x 150mm x 29mm


4 fixed probes Needle (gold-plated copper), manual positioning

8 fixed probe and magnetic probe available

Probe Interface

BNC connector

Coaxial BNC available

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