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Medium and High Voltage Pulse Generators

Medium Voltage Pulse Generators

Rise Time > 1 ns

Key Features

Connectivity - A variety of connectivity options is made available (based on model variation). Standard conectivity includes: IEEE-488.2 GPIB and RS-232 computer control feature for models with -B.

Software - Labview drivers are available for selected models. 

Ethernet Ports and Remote Operation - Selected models have Options to add an ethernet port allowing the devices to be remotely accessed and controlled with secure protocols.

Front Panel Interface - The interface contains memory to store up to four complete instrument setups. The operator can use the front panel or the computer interface to store a complete "snapshot" of all key instrument settings, and recall this setup at a later time. This simplifies the setup of frequently performed experiments.

Please check the table below for individual specifications tied to individual products.

ProductVout (max)Rise time (20%-80%)Pulse width (FWHM)PRFGPIBBrochures
AVR-9A-B pulse generator12 V10 ns0.2-2000us50 kHzYESAVR-9 Series Brochure
AVR-9B-B pulse generator20 V15 ns0.2-2000us50 kHzYES
AVR-9C-B pulse generator12 V50 ns0.2-200us5 kHzYES
AVR-9D-B pulse generator20 V80 ns0.2-200us5 kHzYES
AV-1015-B pulse generator50 V10 ns20ns-10ms10 MHzYESAV-1010, AV-1011, AV-1015 Series Brochure
AV-1011B1-B pulse generator100 V2 ns100ns-1ms100 kHzYES
AV-1010-B pulse generator100 V10 ns20ns-10ms1 MHzYES
AVR-1A-B pulse generator50 V10 ns100ns-100us100 kHzYESAVR-1, -2, -3 & -4 Series Brochure
AVR-2A-B pulse generator100 V10 ns100ns-100us100 kHzYES
AVR-2B-B pulse generator100 V10 ns100ns-100us100 kHzYES
AVR-3-B pulse generator200 V10 ns0.1us-100us10 kHzYES
AVR-3HE-B pulse generator200 V10 ns50ns-100us100 kHzYES
AVR-3HF-B pulse generator250 V10 ns0.1-100us100 kHzYES
AVR-3HG-B pulse generator300 V12.5 ns50ns-100us20 kHzYES
AVR-4-B pulse generator400 V15 ns0.1us-100us10 kHzYES
AVR-5B-B pulse generator500 V20 ns0.1us-100us10 kHzYESAVR-5, AVR-7, and AVR-8 Series Brochure
AVR-7B-B pulse generator700 V20 ns0.1us-100us10 kHzYES
AVR-8A-B pulse generator1000 V50 ns0.2us-200us1 kHzYES
AVR-A-1-PW-B pulse generator200 V10 ns50-500 ns100 kHzYESAVR-A & AVR-S Series Brochure
AVR-A-1-S2-C pulse generator200 V2 ns10-200ns10 kHz
AVR-AHF-1-B pulse generator250 V10 ns50-500ns100 kHzYES
AVR-S3-B pulse generator200 V2 ns0.1us-5us10 kHzYES
AVR-E2A-B pulse generator50 V1.5 ns10-500 ns200 kHzYESAVR-E Series Brochure
AVR-E3A-B pulse generator100 V1.5 ns10-500 ns200 kHzYES
AVR-E6-B pulse generator100 V2 ns8-30ns2 MHzYES
AVR-GHV1-B pulse generator500 V40 ns0.2us-0.5sec1 kHzYESAVR-GHV Series Brochure
AVR-GHV2-B pulse generator500 V40 ns0.2us-0.5sec1 kHzYES
AVR-GHV4-B pulse generator400 V30 ns1us-0.5sec100 kHzYES
AVR-GHV5-B pulse generator800 V100 ns1us-0.5sec50 kHzYES
AVR-GHV6-B pulse generator500 V100 ns0.2us-0.5sec10 kHzYES
AVR-G1-B pulse generator250 V20 ns0.1us-1ms10 kHzYES

AVR-G5-B pulse generator440 V20 ns200ns-0.5s100 kHzYES
AVRF-4A-B pulse generator400 V5 ns0.15us-10us10 kHzYES

AVRF-7B-B pulse generator750 V8 ns90ns-10us5 kHzYES
AVRH-2-B pulse generator2000 V80 ns0.2us-2.5us1 kHzYES

AVRH-3-B pulse generator3000 V100 ns0.2us-2.5us1 kHzYES
AVRK-1-B pulse generator300 V3 ns (2 ns opt)5-100 ns1 kHzYES
AVRK-2-B pulse generator400 V3 ns (2 ns opt)7-65ns1 kHzYES
AVRK-3-B pulse generator550 V4 ns (2 ns opt)6-35ns1 kHzYES
AVRK-4-B pulse generator750 V4 ns (2 ns opt)6-20ns1 kHzYES
AVRQ-4-B pulse generator1500 V25-250 ns1 us10 HzYES

AVRZ-5W-B pulse generator500 V6.5 ns15ns-10us5 kHzYES

AVMR-3-B pulse generator50 V2.5 ns10-100 ns3 MHzYES

AVIR-2-B pulse generator200 V1.5 ns3-10 ns20 kHzYES
AVIR-3-B pulse generator200 V2 ns10-200 ns20 kHzYES
AVIR-4-B pulse generator200 V2 ns4-200 ns20 kHzYES
AVIR-4D-B pulse generator200 V2 ns4-1000 ns20 kHzYES
AVOZ-D1-B pulse generator500 V70 ns0.2us-10us5 kHzYES
AVOZ-D2-B pulse generator700 V100 ns0.2us-10us2.5 kHzYES
AVOZ-D3-B pulse generator200 V50 ns0.2us-10us5 kHzYES
AVOZ-D4-B pulse generator200 V50 ns0.2us-10us5 kHzYES
AVOZ-D6-B pulse generator1000 V200 ns1us-10us500 HzYES
AVOZ-D7-B pulse generator1000 V120 ns0.2us-10us1 kHzYES
AVOZ-E1-B pulse generator50 V50 ns0.5us-10us10 kHzYES
AVOZ-E2-B pulse generator100 V80 ns0.5us-10us10 kHzYES
AVOZ-E3-B pulse generator250 V150 ns0.5us-10us1 kHzYES
AVOZ-E4-B pulse generator250 V100 ns0.5us-10us3 kHzYES
AVOZ-E5-B pulse generator500 V200 ns0.5us-10us500 HzYES
AVL-AV-1-W-B pulse generator100 V2 ns5-400 ns50 kHzYES
AVL-2A-W-B pulse generator160 V2 ns3-400 ns20 kHzYES
AVL-2D-B pulse generator240 V1.5 ns10-100 ns20 kHzYES
AVL-5-B pulse generator450 V5 ns (2.5 ns opt)8-100ns2 kHzYES

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Compare Model Drawings & Specs Max. PRF Rise Time (20%-80%) Pulse Width Output Voltage (Max) Availability Reference Price
AVR-3HF-B pulse generator
general purpose, wide PW range, high PRF
100 kHz10 ns0.1-100us250 V 2-3 Weeks Request for quote
AVRK-1-B pulse generator
fast rise time
1 kHz3 ns (1.5 ns opt)5-100 ns300 V 2-3 Weeks Request for quote
AVR-8A-B pulse generator
general purpose, very wide PW range
1 kHz50 ns0.2us-200us1000 V 2-3 Weeks Request for quote
AVRH-3-B pulse generator
high voltage, high impedance
1 kHz100 ns0.2us-2.5us3000 V 2-3 Weeks Request for quote
AVR-E3A-B pulse generator
fast rise time, high PRF
200 kHz1.2 ns10-500ns100 V 2-3 Weeks Request for quote
AVRQ-4-B pulse generator
High Voltage, Wide PW range
10 Hz1us25-250ns1500 4-6 Weeks Request for quote
AVRK-4-B pulse generator
General Purpose
1kHz6-20ns4 ns (1.5 ns opt)750 4-6 Weeks Request for quote
AVOZ-E5-B pulse generator
General Purpose
500Hz0.5us-10us200ns500 4-6 Weeks Request for quote

AVOZ-E5-B pulse generator - Parameter

Max. PRF

Rise Time (20%-80%)

Pulse Width

Output Voltage (Max)

AVRK-4-B pulse generator - Parameter

Max. PRF

Rise Time (20%-80%)

Pulse Width
4 ns (1.5 ns opt)

Output Voltage (Max)

AVRQ-4-B pulse generator - Parameter

Max. PRF
10 Hz

Rise Time (20%-80%)

Pulse Width

Output Voltage (Max)

AVR-E3A-B pulse generator - Parameter

Max. PRF
200 kHz

Rise Time (20%-80%)
1.2 ns

Pulse Width

Output Voltage (Max)
100 V

AVRH-3-B pulse generator - Parameter

Max. PRF
1 kHz

Rise Time (20%-80%)
100 ns

Pulse Width

Output Voltage (Max)
3000 V

AVR-8A-B pulse generator - Parameter

Max. PRF
1 kHz

Rise Time (20%-80%)
50 ns

Pulse Width

Output Voltage (Max)
1000 V

AVRK-1-B pulse generator - Parameter

Max. PRF
1 kHz

Rise Time (20%-80%)
3 ns (1.5 ns opt)

Pulse Width
5-100 ns

Output Voltage (Max)
300 V

AVR-3HF-B pulse generator - Parameter

Max. PRF
100 kHz

Rise Time (20%-80%)
10 ns

Pulse Width

Output Voltage (Max)
250 V

AVOZ-E5-B pulse generator - Download

AVRK-4-B pulse generator - Download

AVRQ-4-B pulse generator - Download

AVR-E3A-B pulse generator - Download

AVRH-3-B pulse generator - Download

AVR-8A-B pulse generator - Download

AVRK-1-B pulse generator - Download

AVR-3HF-B pulse generator - Download


Compare Model Drawings & Specs Availability Reference Price