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Short-wave, Mid-wave, Long-wave Infrared Cameras | SIMTRUM Photonics Store

SW/MW/LW Infrared Cameras

SIMTRUM offers a wide range of Infrared camera, including short-wave infrared , mid-wave infrared and long-wave infrared cameras, we offer both cooled and uncooled detectors and camera model. below are the general specification of our products.

ProductSpectral RangeRsolutionCoolingFeature
SWIR Camera400-1700nm1.3MP, 0.3MPuncooled 
MIR CameraMid Infrared Detector3.7um to 4.8um0.08MP, 0.3MP,1.5MPCooled
Mid Infrared Camera3.7um to 4.8um0.08MP, 0.3MP,1.5MPCooled
Duel Band Detector3.7 to 4.8um|7.7 to 9.5um320*256px Cooled
LWIR CameraCooled LWIR Detector7.7um to 9.4um0.08MP, 0.3MPCooled
Cooled LWIR Camera7.7um to 9.4um0.3MPCooled
LWIR Thermography Camera 8 to 14um0.08MP, 0.3MP,1.5MPUncooledBroad Temperature Range
Thermography Camera for Skin Screening8 to 14um320*256px UncooledBody Temperature
Thermal Imaging Cameras for Phone8 to 14um256*192pxUncooledFor Smart Phone
Compact Thermal Imaging Camera8 to 14um0.08MP, 0.3MPUncooledFor CCTV , Drone

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