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  • E-Commerce Webstore Soft Launch Guide

    SIMTRUMs E-Commerece Platform is in Soft Launch Mode, but as we begin to upload fully furnished catalogues, we are making them available for sale. To best assist our users, please use this guide to Navigate the SIMTRUM website.Across our website, tags like this can be found in th...

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  • Website Development Log (Permanent Thread)

    Website Development Log (Permanent Thread)Our website is currently in a Soft Launch.This permanent thread keeps track of changes made to the content of our website on pages that have launched. Content that has been edited and/or corrected for clarity will be added here on a weekl...

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  • Project Consultation and Services (Website Update)

    Over the past year, the SIMTRUM team has collaborated with local universities and research institutes to deliver system level solutions. From modular optics to the the fabrication of mechanical mounts and the acquisition and integration of specialized equipment, Our Team has succ...

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  • Meet The SIMTRUM Team (Website Update)

    We recently updated our team page! With over 50 years combined experience in the field of photonics and optics, get to know the members of our senior team. Our younger team, straight out of unviersity is strongly grounded in physics, engineering and start-up-ologyAs we begin our ...

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  • The SIMTRUM Website Soft Launch (CA 01/2021)

    COMPANY ANNOUNCEMENT 01/202129th March 2021The SIMTRUM Website Soft Launch The SIMTRUM website was conceptualized in the first half of 2019 right around this time. In that same year, our teams size doubled to over 10 people, effectively doubling our products and project teams.At ...

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  • Happy Chinese New Year (2021)

    SIMTRUM wishes our Partners and Customers a Happy Chinese New Year.We wish everyone Prosperity and Good Health in the coming year.The SIMTRUM Team will be out of the office from 11th Feb 2021 to 15th Feb 2021 (Monday).Please drop us an e-mail for any queries during this time peri...

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  • IdeaOptics Partnership Announcement

    August 2020SIMTRUM Pte Ltd is pleased to announce partnership with IdeaOptics. IdeaOptics is a emerging technologies company from China providing cost effective and highly reliable spectrometer devices. Their range of products cover visible to infrared wavelength range and raman ...

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  • IDQ Partnership Announcement

    August 2020SIMTRUM Pte Ltd is pleased to announce partnership with IDQuantine. ID Quantique (IDQ) is a leading provider of optical instrumentation products, most notably photon counters and related electronics. The company’s innovative photonic solutions are used in both commerci...

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  • Avtech Electrosystem Partnership Announcement


    Backdated August 2020SIMTRUM Pte Ltd is pleased to announce partnership with Avtech Electrosystems Ltd. Avtech is an industry leader in the manufacturing of pulse generator, amplifier, pulsed laser diode driver, or semiconductor device testers. We look forward to a long and prosp...

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  • December Newsletter 2020

    Dec 2020 | SIMTRUM NEWSLETTERKEEP MOVING AHEADAchievement 2020 ReviewPHOTONICSINNOVATIONSWritten by John YuanCEO/Founder In this special period, Simtrum did not stop by thisthis global pandemic, but still served 200 more customers with 100+ suppliers. Thanks for all of the trus...

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  • We Wish to Contribute More to The Local Photonics Society

    Dear Friends,We hope everyone is staying safe during this global pandemic! We would like to take this opportunity to express how thankful we are for all the help we have gotten from the local Photonics society. They have recommended getting a potential co-founder, new business or...

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  • We are seeking an talent for product manager role

    We are looking for a partner to shoulder product manager role, He/She holds a master or PHD in photonics related field, or has years of experience in the photonics industry. Passion about knowledge and product development, Likes the challenge and willing to join a startup team a...

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