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Light Analysis

SIMTRUM Pte Ltd is building a spectroscopy online store, we offer a variety of spectroscopy related products, including Fiber spectrometers (SIMTRUM manufactured), Raman spectrometer (SIMTRUM manufactured), Hyper-spectrometers, multi-spectrometers, VUV&XUV spectrometers, Single-photon counters (SPD), Avalanche Photodiode (APD), Photomultiplier Tube (PMT), Laser Beam Profiler, Optical Powermeter, Integrating Sphere, Monochromator, Spectrographs, Autocorrelators, Frequency Resolved Optical Grating (FROG), etc. 

SIMTRUM Also provides a variety of Spectroscopy & Microscopy related system, check our solution page Spectroscopy Solutions | Microscopy Solutions

we are constantly adding more product into our product portfolio if you have a new product request please contact us

Download Our Light Analysis Catalogue: Link