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Optical Isolator | SIMTRUM Photonics Store

Optical Isolator

SIMTRUM Provides different ln-ine lsolator.The ln-ine Fiber lsolatoris a device utlized in electronics, communications, and electrical engineeing to efectively isolate electrical signals orpower supplies. lts purpose is to introduce isolation in signal ransmission or power transmission, thereby prevening interference, enhancingsystem stability, and safeguarding equipment against potential electrical hazards.

Parameters Stage Center Wavelength(nm) Isolation @23(dB)  Insertion Loss @23(dB)
532nm/633nm In-line Isolator Single 532/633 23 1.5-1.8
1030nm In-line Isolator (Faraday Based, 50mW) Single/Dual 1030 20-23 3.3
1064nm In-line Isolator (Faraday Based, 300mW) Single/Dual 1064 28-45 1.8-3.2
1064nm In-line Isolator (2W, Faraday Based) Single/Dual 1064 27-45 1.7-3.8
1064nm Compact Size In-line Isolator (up to 10W) Single 1064/1030/980 26 1
780-1080nm High Power In-line Isolator (up to 30W) Single 1064/1030/980/850/780 or Specified 26 1
980-1080nm Dual-core Stage In-line Isolator (up to 30W) Single 1064/1030/980 or Specified 50 1.2
980-1080nm High Power In-Line Isolator (50W/100W) Single 1064/1030/980 or Specified 26 0.8
980-1080nm Multi-mode In-line Isolator (up to 20W) Single 1064/1030/980 18 1.5
780-1080nm High Power Free Space Isolator (up to 100W) Single 1064/1030/980/850/780 or Specified 26 0.3
1310-2050nm Polarization Maintaining In-line Isolator Single/Dual 2050/2000/1950/1550/ 1480/1310 18-45 0.65-1.5
1310/1480/1550nm High Power In-line Isolator (up to 20W) Single/Dual 1550/1480/1310 28-45 -
2000nm High Power In-line Isolator (up to 20W) Single 2050/2000/1950 18 1.4
High Power Far Field Collimator (up to 200W) Single 2000/1550/1064 or Specified - -

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