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X-ray Spectrometer (1-20keV)


hardLIGHT Spectrometer

The TXS spectrometer enables accurate photon diagnostics at HHG beamlines, X-ray free-electron lasers, and table-top X-ray lasers. Photon energies between 2 keV and 4 keV can be measured in single-shot. In von Hamos geometry with high-efficiency backscattering, the X-ray spectrum is fingerprinted for online beam characterization. The transmitted beam remains undisturbed with >90% transmission for further use in experiments. By simply exchanging the backscattering probe with a material sample, the hardLIGHT TXS is made ready for X-ray emission spectroscopy (XES). The tender X-ray range provides sensitive access to the chemical state of many materials, e.g., investigations of sulfur at 2keV allow for important insights for battery research.


• Small footprint

• Easily transferred between experimental stations

• Intuitive operation

XES Operation Mode

• Emission spectroscopy in the tender X-ray range 2-4keV

• Integrated sample mount

• High energy resolution of 10-4 in a bandwidth of 2%

Diagnostic Operation Mode

• Online beam characterization at HHG beamlines, X-ray free-electron lasers, 

   table-top X-ray lasers

• Non-interfering architecture with backscattering probe

• High transmission >90%



• Every spectrometer is customized to exactly match the desired 

  application, e.g:

• Table-top x-ray spectrometers

• Bragg/Laue x-ray spectrometer

• Combined crystal/multilayer spectrometer

• Tokamak diagnostics

• Monte Carlo simulations



 General Specifications

Optical Indicators

Typical Value


Product Model



Von Hamos

Energy Range (KeV)


Source Distance



CCD or MCP/CMOS or Hybrid

Operating Pressure (mbar)

< 10-6

UHV Version Available

Crystal Positioning

Motorized Closed-loop

Spectral Filter Insertion Unit


Control Interfaces

USB or Ethernet


Windows UI and LabVIEW/VB/C/C++SDK


Fully Customizable

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