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X-ray/XRD Heating & Cryo Stage | SIMTRUM Photonics Store

X-ray/XRD Heating & Cryo Stage

The X-ray/XRD Temperature Stage is an accessory for studying sample variable temperature X-ray diffraction, realizing sample temperature range: -190°C to 600°C/RT to1200°C in air/inert gas/vacuum ambient conditions, and common X-ray Use with diffractometer. Supports retrofitting on various existing X-ray diffractometers ( Bruker, Thermo Fisher, Rigaku, etc.).


● Compact and suitable for in-situ variable temperature XRD testing of materials

● Gas-tight chamber design (with a protective atmosphere)

● Upgradable vacuum chamber (10-3 mbar)

● Diffraction angle 0 to 164° (standard sample holder)

● Specimen table 23 x 23mm, silver

● Manual displacement table in Z-direction

● Software control of the upper computer

X-ray/XRD Temperature Stage 

XRD Temperature Stage

replacement cover can be used as 

an optical Temperature stage

Product specifications and Brochures

Product Brochure Link:  

Optical IndicatorsCryo 600-190-XHT1200-X
Temperature Control
Cooling & Heating Liquid nitrogen cooling/resistance heatingResistance heating
Temperature Control Range*-190 to 600℃RT to 1200℃
Temperature Stability*±0.2 °C (< -170 °C) /   ±0.1°C (< 600°C ) / ±1°C (> 600°C ) 
Temperature Resolution0.1 ℃
Temperature Control Speed0~50℃/ min (can be fixed   point / program segment temperature control)
Temperature Control MethodPID
Temperature SensorPT100Thermocouple
Optical Properties
Optical Path*Reflected optical path   (can be upgraded to the transmitted optical path)
X-ray Transmissive FilmKapton membrane
Structural Properties
Sample Table Size*23×23mm12×12mm
Sample Carrier Material*Silver Ceramic 
Chamber PressureMechanical Pump 10-3Torr, Turbo Pump 10-6Torr
Shell CoolingRecycled water
RemarkAbove are all default   parameters, with * being customizable.

Temperature Range Choice

Low Temperature Stage: -190 to 600℃

Low temperature optional   -190℃  -180℃  -160℃  -120℃  -100℃  RT

High temperature optional  400℃  600℃

High Temperature Stage: RT to 1200 ℃

High Temperature Optional   RT to   400℃  600℃  800℃  1200℃


Variable Temperature XRD Testing of Titanium Alloys

Quartz Variable Temperature Phase Change XRD Testing

X-ray/XRD Temperature table with scientific X-ray diffraction

X-ray/XRD Temperature table with Thermo Fisher X-Ray Diffraction

Temperature RangeChamber TypeOptical PathElectrinical Probe Arm

Optical Heating & Cooling Stage

-190°C to 1200°CAir-tight or Vacuum sealedTransmission or Reflection No 

XRD Temperature Control Stage

-190°C to1200°CAir-tight or Vacuum sealedTransmission or Reflection No (Customizable)

Electrical Probe Temperature Stage

-190°C to 600°CAir-tight or Vacuum sealedTransmission or Reflection Fix probe arm

Electrical Probe Temperature Station

-190°C to 600°CAir-tight or Vacuum sealedTransmission or Reflection Adjustable probe arm

Tensile Strain Temperature Stage

-190°C to 1200°CAir-tight or Vacuum sealedTransmission or Reflection No(Customizable)

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Compare Model Drawings & Specs Availability Reference Price
XRD CRYO400-100-X
X-ray/XRD Temperature Stage, Temp control range -100 to 400℃
6-10 Weeks $26000.00
XRD CRYO Stage-600-190-X
X-ray/XRD Temperature Stage, Temp control range -190 to 600℃
6-10 Weeks $33000.00
X-ray/XRD Temperature Stage, Temp control range RT to 1200℃
6-10 Weeks $29600.00

XRD RTH1200-X - Parameter

XRD CRYO Stage-600-190-X - Parameter

XRD CRYO400-100-X - Parameter

XRD RTH1200-X - Download

XRD CRYO Stage-600-190-X - Download

XRD CRYO400-100-X - Download


Compare Model Drawings & Specs Availability Reference Price