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Industrial Machine Vision Camera | SIMTRUM Photonics Store

Industrial Machine Vision Camera

Below is the model comparision guide for choosing the right camera for your application

ModelResolutionPixel SizeFrame RateModeDetector
Single Line Scan Camera(2048 - 16384) * 13.5μm, 5.6μm, 7μm30KHz to 80KHzMono or ColorGlobal shutter CMOS
4K Multi-line Scan Camera4096 * 27μm10Khz to 200KHzMono or ColorGlobal shutter CMOS
8K Multi-line Scan Camera8192 * 2 5.6μm, 7μm20Khz to 200KhzMono or ColorGlobal shutter CMOS
16K Multi-line Scan Camera16384 * 23.5μm, 5.6μm30KHz to 100KHzMono or ColorGlobal shutter CMOS
256 Multi-line Scan Camera(4096-16384)*256 5μm167Khz to 250KhzMonoBack illuminated CCD
Industry High Resolution Cooled Camera40M,65M,100M,150M,1.3B3.1μm, 3.7μm2 - 20 FPSMono or ColorRolling shutter Cooled CMOS
Industry High Resolution Camera26M,31M,65M3.4μm, 4.5μm4 -12 FPSMono or ColorGlobal shutter CMOS
Standard Industry Camera1.5M,2M,3M,5M,8M,12M,16M2.4μm, 3.4μm, 5.8μm6 - 79 FPSMono or ColorGlobal shutter CMOS
High Speed Large Format Camera3M to 65M2.5μm,3.2μm,4.5μm,5.5μm 30 - 409 FPSMono or ColorGlobal shutter CMOS

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