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Zoom Lens

SIMTRUM'S opticalzoomlens auto-control systemisdeveloped to meet the requirements of quick accurate inspection.Widelyusedinindustryinspection,automation, electroniccommunication,semiconductor, scientific research, etc.

Model Type Optical Magnification Range Working Distance
Z65C Series Zoom Lens/Coaxial lllumination Zoom Lens/3mm Fine Focus/12mm Fine Focus 0.7X~4.5X

90±2 mm

Z65D Series Detented Zoom Lens/Detented With Coaxial llumination/Detented With 3mm Fine Focus
Z65M Series Motorized Zoom/Motorized Zoom Lens With Coaxial lllumination/Dual-motor Motorized Zoom
Z65F-RS/Z65M-C(A) Zoom Lens With Magnification RS232 Output/Coaxial lllumination+Motorized Zoom 90±2 mm/80±2 mm
Z125 Series Detented /Motorized With Coaxial lllumination/Detented with Coaxial llumination  0.58X~7.5X 84±2 mm
4K Big FOV Zoom Lens Manual/Motorized 0.68X-5.0X 80 mm

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