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High Speed Impulse Generator
High Speed Impulse Generator

There are a few series under the High Speed Impulse Generator. The name of these series are AVH, AVMH and AVG. 

AVH Series

The AVH series of low jitter, high output amplitude impulse generators provides pulse widths (measured at the 20% rise time point) in the range of 350 ps to 1 ns, amplitudes as high as 100 Volts, with pulse repetition frequencies up to 1 MHz. Models in the AVH-S series generate impulses of up to 15 Volts, with 500 ps pulse widths (measured at the 20% rise time point – the FWHM pulse width is smaller). The AVH-SB series provides 350 ps widths and amplitudes to 30 Volts. The AVH series offers wider (1 ns) operation at 30V. The high-voltage AVH-HV1 series provides 1 ns widths (optionally 0.8 ns) and amplitudes to 100 Volts.

AVMH Series

The AVMH family of low jitter, high amplitude impulse generators includes units providing pulse widths in the range of 200 ps to 1 ns, amplitudes from 10 Volts to 100 Volts, and pulse repetition frequencies as high as 20 MHz. Model AVMH-1A-C generates impulses of up to 10V in amplitude. The pulse width (FWHM) is adjustable from less than 130 to more than 250 ps, for pulse repetition frequencies (PRFs) of up to 20 MHz. Model AVMH-1-C is similar, with wider pulse widths (measured at the 20% rise point) of < 0.2 to > 1 ns. Models AVMH-2-C provides 30 Volt impulses. The pulse width is adjustable over a narrow range around 400 ps. The maximum PRF is 20 MHz. The similar AVMH-3-C provides 600 ps, 50 Volt impulses, and the AVMH-6-C provides 0.5 to 1 ns, 65 Volt impulses. Model AVMH-4-C provides a 100 Volt, 1 ns output at pulse repetition frequencies as high as 10 MHz. Model AVMH-5-C is similar, but offers wider pulse widths, adjustable from 2 to 4 ns, at PRFs to 1 MHz.

AVG Series

The AVG series of high-voltage impulse generators provides nanosecond-scale impulses with amplitudes of several hundred Volts, into 50Ω loads. The pulse width measurements for most models (except the AVG-3-B model) are taken at the 20% maximum amplitude point. The full-width half-maximum (FWHM) pulse widths will be lower. The AVG-1 family generates < 4 ns impulses at repetition rates up to 30 kHz. For repetition rates below 10 kHz, the maximum amplitude is 240V. The maximum amplitude at 10-30 kHz falls to 180V. The AVG-2 family provides 120V, < 2 ns output. The AVG-3 family provides up to 500V, with a half-power pulse width of < 5 ns. Model AVG-3A-B is similar, but features a pulse width at the 20% rise point of < 4 ns and rise times of < 1 ns. The AVG-3B family provides 420V, < 2.7 ns outputs. For much higher power applications, the AVG-4A, -4B2 and -4C2 families provide peak outputs of 600, 800, or 920 Volts and 20% rise time pulse widths of < 5 ns.

Please check the table below for individual specifications tied to individual products.

ProductVout (max)PWPRF (max)Brochures 
AVH-SB-C impulse generator300.35 ns1 MHzAVH Series Brochure
AVH-C impulse generator30 V1 ns1 MHz
AVH-HV1-C-T1 impulse generator100 V0.8 ns0.1 MHz
AVH-HV1-C impulse generator100 V1 ns100 kHz
AVMH-1A impulse generator10 V0.13 - 0.25 ns20 MHzAVMH Series Brochure
AVMH-1 impulse generator10 V0.2 - 1 ns20 MHz
AVMH-2 impulse generator30 V0.4 ns20 MHz
AVMH-3 impulse generator50 V0.6 ns20 MHz
AVMH-6 impulse generator65 V0.5 - 1 ns20 MHz
AVMH-4 impulse generator100 V1 ns10 MHz
AVMH-5 impulse generator100 V2 - 4 ns1 MHz
AVG-1-B impulse generator240 V4 ns30 kHzAVG Series Brochure
AVG-2-B impulse generator120 V2 ns30 kHz
AVG-3-B impulse generator500 V5 ns20 kHz
AVG-3A-B impulse generator420 V4 ns20 kHz
AVG-3B-B impulse generator420 V2.7 ns20 kHz
AVG-4A-B impulse generator600 V5 ns10 kHz
AVG-4B2-B impulse generator800 V5 ns10 kHz
AVG-4C2-B impulse generator920 V5 ns10 kHz

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