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X-Ray Collimators | SIMTRUM Photonics Store

X-Ray Collimators

X-ray Collimator


X-ray collimator is a new product developed based on MCP technology, which can perform optical collimation of 2-50kev X-ray, and is widely used in deep space detection, space navigation, nuclear explosion diagnosis, medical treatment, security inspection, fluorescence analysis and other fields. X-ray collimator is a kind of high lead glass flakes, interior contains millions of micron sized collimating channels.


The collimator utilizes the principle of angle sensitivity, using collimating channel wall high lead content and high roughness to absorb stray X-ray, the optical alignment of X-ray is realized by high-precision pointing of collimating channels. Compared with the traditional metallic X-ray collimator, the MCP type X-ray collimator has a higher resolution, lighter weight, and a larger area of array splicing, so it has a wider application prospect.





High Resolution

  • Metallic X-ray collimators are primarily fabricated through processes like metal machining, threading, laser welding, and gluing. The minimum limit size of the collimation hole is at the millimeter level. With the increasing resolution of back end detectors, there is a requirement for smaller collimation hole sizes. Microchannel plate X-ray collimators have hole sizes on the micrometer scale, enabling better achievement of high resolution.


Large Area and Light Weighting

  • Microchannel plate X-ray collimators have small volume and light weight. They can be assembled in an array fashion to achieve a very large area, and they are the lightest among similar products with the same area.

High Collimation Accuracy

  • Microchannel plate X-ray collimators are fabricated through processes such as precision fiber drawing and fusion. They exhibit high overall collimation accuracy, with the angular response curve matching the ideal curve very closely, resulting in high collimation precision.



       X-ray Collimator Angle Response Curve

Microstructure of X-ray Collimator





  • Deep Space Detection, Space Navigation, Nuclear Explosion Diagnosis, Medical Treatment, Security Inspection, Fluorescence Analysis





Product Specifications and Brochures

Product Brochure Link:

Parameters Description
Lead Content of Glass ≥37%
Potassium Content of Glass ≤0.1%
Inner Wall Roughness(nm) ≥13
Aperture(μm) 10-100 ,Customized
Open Area Ratio ≥70%
Shape Rectangular,Round,Customized
Overall Dimensions(mm) 111×72.5Φ56…Customized
Thickness(mm) 0.5-5,Customized

Micro-Channel Plate (MCP)

Product Parameter
 Micro-Channel Plate (MCP)  Effective Area: 10.5-100mm | 90-200° | ≥47mm×47mm;Channel Dia.:6-21μm; Thickness:0.325-1.2mm
 Micro-Channel Plate Assembly (MCP)  Diameter:25-50mm; Channel Dia.:6-12mm; Effective Area:18-44mm
 Fiber Optic Plates- FOP  Fiber Center Distance:≤4μm,4-100μm; Theoretical Numerical Aperture:≥1.0; Transmission Ration of Collimating Light:≥65%
 Micro Pore Optics  Aperture:10-100μm(Customizable); Boundary Dimension:≤50mm×50mm | Φ≤60mm; Thickness :1-3mm(Customizable)
 X-Ray Collimators  Aperture:10-100μm(Customizable); Thickness0.5-5mm(Customizable)



Photomultipliers Tube (PMT)

Model Spectral Response Range Peak Wavelength QE Typ. Effective Area(mm) Cathode Luminous Sensitivity Typ. Anode Sensitivity Typ.
 Photomultipliers Tube Head-On (Tube Only) 290 - 650nm 380 - 500nm 12% -,28% Φ10 - Φ58 40 - 100μA/lm 30 - 2000A/lm
 Photomultipliers Tube Side On(Tube Only) 160 - 900nm / / 8×24 40 - 250μA/lm 400 - 2500A/lm
 Photomultipliers Tube (Module) 160 - 900nm 400nm, 420nm / Φ22 - Φ25 | 8×24 60 - 250μA/lm /
 Microchannel Plate - Photomultiplier (MCP-PMT) 115 - 650nm 250nm, 380nm 30%@410nm, 15%@250nm / 70μA/lm 900A/lm
 Scintillator Probe / / / Φ25×25 - Φ75×75 / /
 β Detector / / / Φ10, Φ25 / /




Assemblies and Counting Unit


High Voltage Tube Socket High Voltage Tube Socket for Side Window Voltage Power Supply Counting Unit

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X-Ray Collimators
X-Ray Collimators. Lead Content of Glass ≥37%, Potassium Content of Glass ≤0.1%, Inner Wall Roughness ≥13nm, Aperture 10-100μm, Customized, Open Area Ratio ≥70%, Shape Rectangular, Round, Customized, Overall Dimensions 111×72.5mm、Φ56mm…Customized, Thickness 0.5-5mm, Customized
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Compare Model Drawings & Specs Availability Reference Price