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Integrating Spheres

SIMTRUM offers two types integrating spheres made from a special polymer and Gold coated metallic surface, We offer standard size from 10mm to 100mm, customized size is available
The polymer integrating spheres can be used for optical power measurement as well as beam homogenization for accurate spectral analysis. The spheres have modular ports with a choice of SMA and FC fibre receptacles or photodiodes. These spheres allow measurement of high power.
The gold coated integrating spheres are designed for high power applications. The combination of the integrating sphere and a photodiode based power meter can allow measuring high power fluctuations on a μs time scale.Use the table below to find a device that matches your needs

Inner Diameter10mm20mm20mm50mm/100mm25mm65mm100mm
Input Port Diameter3,5mm7mm

Max Power handling<50mW200mW500mW-20W5W-100Wup to 100W (CW)up to 400W (CW)up to 5kW (CW)
Wavelength range200-2500nm200-2500nm200-2500nm200-2500nm 650nm – 20µm 650nm – 20µm 650nm – 20µm

Standard Size choice: from 10mm to 500mm , Customized size is available 
Technical Support Available : Contact us | Consult for system solution | International office