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ASE/SLD Light Sources (830-2000nm) | SIMTRUM Photonics Store

ASE/SLD Light Sources (830-2000nm)

ASE (Amplified Spontaneous Emission) sources uses spectral flat technology. It gives high output power, operating wavelength coverages in the C & L bands, and is suitable for fiber sensing and other applications.
SLD (super luminescence diode) sources uses 1 or more semiconductor ultra-radiation diode technology to achieve high output power. It has wide broadband spectrum consisting of the O,S,C,L and other bands.

TypeSpectral Range (nm)Output Optical Power(mW)
C-Band Broadband ASE Light Source1528 - 156310/20/50/100/200/400
L-Band Broadband ASE Light Source1567 - 160310/20/50/100
C+L Band Boardband ASE Light Source1528 - 160310/20/50/100/200
1060nm Broadband ASE Light Source1030 - 108010/20/30/50
2000nm Broadband ASE Light Source1850 - 200010
Super-BroadBand SLD1250 - 16501-10
Multi-Channel SLD1300 - 16801-50

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