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RF Test Measurement System | SIMTRUM Photonics Store

RF Test Measurement System

The RF Test Measurement System (TMS) makes use of microwave photonic methods for automated measurements of ultra-low phase noise oscillators.

It is fast, fully automated and provides the spectral density of the phase noise of an RF or microwave signal source at any operating frequency in the specified bands.

This homodyne-based system is distinct in wide frequency band measurement without needing another low noise reference source or down-converter.

Defining Features

• Ultra-Low Phase/Frequency Noise Measurement Capability

• Fast Real-Time Measurement 

• Fully Automated

• Cross-Correlation Homodyne Capability

No Low Noise Reference Source Required

User Friendly Interface

• Simple PC-based Operation

6U x 19'' Rack System

• Customizable Configurations, Upgrades and Options

General Specifications

Click the link to download the brochure:RFTMS.pdf

 Phase Noise Offset10 Hz1 kHz100 kHz10 MHz
 Absolute Phase Noise Floor @ 1.5 – 3 GHz72 dBc/Hz --132 dBc/Hz162 dBc/Hz-174 dBc/Hz
 Absolute Phase Noise Floor @ 3 – 6 GHz-66 dBc/Hz- 126 dBc/Hz-156 dBc/Hz-172 dBc/Hz
 Absolute Phase Noise Floor @ 6 – 12 GHz-60 dBc/Hz-120 dBc/Hz --150 dBc/Hz-168 dBc/Hz
 RMS Timing Jitter Sensitivity – Single Channel5 fs (100 Hz – 10 MHz)
 Input Power Range+5 to +15 dBm
 Spurious (Max)

-50 dBc (<1 kHz offset)

-80 dBc (>1 kHz offset)

 Measurement Types

Raw Data



RMS Jitter

Cross-correlation Option 

AM Noise Option 

2-Port Residual Phase Noise Option 

(External Signal Source Required)

 Averaging (Max)99,999 (Cross-correlation Option)
 Display FunctionsSpectrum / Spectral Density / Markers / Spurious Contents
 Data Storage and I/OHDD / USB Port / 100 Ethernet Port
 Resolution Bandwidth0.1 Hz – 200 kHz
 Operating Temperature Range15°C to 35°C
 Power110 / 120 Vac or 220 / 240 Vac
 Size19'' Rack Mount (Height depends on performance and feature options)

Phase Noise Plot

Accessories and Add-Ons

The following Accesories and Add-Ons are available on request.

 Extended Frequency Offset Measurement 0.1 Hz < foffset <320 MHz (Customer to specify range)
 Extended Input Power

 -10 to +15 dBm / +10 to +20 dBm

 Extended Temperature Range

 10°C to 40°C

 Custom Input Frequency Range RF – Millimeter Wave
 AM Noise Measurements Customer to specify requirements
 Phase Noise Performance Level Customer to specify requirements
 2-Port Residual Phase Noise Measurement Customer to specify requirements / External signal source is required

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