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XUV/VUV Spectrometers

easyLIGHT Spectrograph

Our easyLIGHT spectrograph provides aberration-corrected wavelength coverage in the vacuum ultraviolet spectral region. Based on a normal-incidence geometry, it offers spectrograph and monochromator functionality. The high-efficiency gratings can be rotated about their apexes by a high-accuracy positioning system, resulting in a wavelength selection accuracy at the exit slit of <0.1 nm. Entrance and exit slit widths can be set in the range of 0.01 to 4 mm by micrometer screws or a motorized actuator (optional).


• Spectrograph and monochromator in one device

• Slits continuously adjustable manually or motorized (optional)

• Compact and cost-effective

Special Solutions

• Non-magnetic instruments

• UHV configurations

• etc

Efficiency and Accuracy

• High accuracy wavelength selection by closed-loop micro-precision 

  grating actuator

 Grating positioning controllable by software

 Highly efficient aberration-corrected grating

 Double stray light filter


• Every spectrometer is customized to exactly match the desired 

  application, e.g:

 Interfacing to experimental chambers

• Adaption of the source distance

• Integration of customer-supplied detectors

• User-defined filter mounts


maxLIGHT Spectrograph

Our maxLIGHT spectrograph features aberration-corrected flat-field wavelength coverage from 1nm to 200nm. Wide-band spectral measurements are possible by three gratings covering 1-20nm, 5-80nm, and 40-200nm. The spectrometer can be used without entrance slit to maximize light collection for a range of source distances.

Its modular design is able to match different experimental geometries and configurations. It features an integrated slit holder and filter insertion unit, as well as a motorized grating positioning.

Direct Imaging of the Source

 Images the source directly onto the detctor, does not require a narrow 

  entrance aperture

 ~20 times more light collection than standard versions, resulting in a 

  signal-to-noise figure improved by the same ratio

 In some experiments, this improved signal strength is the crucial step 

  for realizing a measurement at all

Rugged and Robost Design

 Compact design, small footprint

 Inherently insensitive against environmental disturbances and 

  misalignment due to omission of entrance slit

 No moving parts

 Absolute grating position monitoring for maintaining grating alignment

 Can be bolted directly to a vacuum chamber

Special Solutions

 Non-magnetic instruments

 Special housing geometries, in-chamber solutions


 UHV configurations


 Every spectrometer is customized to exactly match the desired 


 Interfacing to experimental chambers

 Adaption of the source distance

 Integration of customer-supplied detectors

 User-defined filter mounts

Specification Summary

NameGratingWavelength (nm)



Source Distance (m) 


Choice (nm)

Flat-Field Size






highLIGHTSXR1 - 20slit-lessflexible1 - 10900.07 - 0.15< 0.005
5 - 20900.11 - 0.21< 0.008
XUV5 - 60slit-lessflexible5 - 30900.23 - 0.38< 0.015
25 - 60850.33 - 0.52< 0.022
VUVOn Request

maxLIGHTSXR1 - 20slit-lessflexible1 - 10350.2 - 0.35< 0.015
3 - 20450.3 - 0.4< 0.017
XUV5 - 80slit-lessflexible5 - 40600.5 - 0.65< 0.028
10 - 60550.7 - 1.1< 0.045
25 - 80500.9 - 1.3< 0.05
VUV40 - 200slit-lessflexible40 - 12075
100 - 200701.2 - 1.6< 0.07

NamegratingWavelength (nm)



Source Distance (m)Deviation angle (°)Focal Length (mm)



Resolution (nm)f/#
easyLIGHTXUVOn Request

VUV100 - 300entrance slitflexible64200~ 4< 0.14.2

Feature Comparision

CharacteristicseasyLIGHTmaxLIGHT maxLIGHT+
Flat-field grazing-incidence spectrograph
 ● ●
Normal-incidence spectrograph and monochromator ●

Flexible choice of detectors: x-ray CCD or MCP/fiber ● ● ●
Operating pressure <10-6 mbar ● ● ●
Customizable according to user requirements ● ● ●
Proprietary slit-less design for high efficiency
 ● ●
Grating blaze for additional efficiency increase

Motorized closed-loop 3D grating positioning

Manual 1D grating positioning
Motorized grating rotation ●

Filter insertion unit

Vacuum gate valve

Entrance and exit slits continuously variable ●

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easyLIGHT XUV/VUV Spectrometers
Wavelength coverage 100nm - 300nm Resolution <0.1nm
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highLIGHT SXR/XUV/VUV Spectrometers
Wavelength coverage 1nm - 60nm Flat field size 90mm
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maxLIGHT SXR/XUV/VUV Spectrometers
Wavelength coverage 1nm - 200nm Flat field size 35-70mm
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nanoLIGHT SXR/XUV/VUV Spectrometers
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monoLIGHT SXR/XUV/VUV Spectrometers
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Motorized Actuator Adapters

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