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About the Company


Making photonics technology more accessible and affordable.

SINGAPORE is a premiere research hub with some of the most well-funded and purpose-built labs, not only in the fields of photonics and optics but also in downstream applications: Communications, Medicine, Bio-tech, [chip] manufacturing, meta materials. There is currently a vacuum which we plan to fill – the technology driving innovation in these fields are limited in terms of affordability and innovation. As processes and technology improves, innovation in manufacturing allows for the production of cost effective and high performance technology to be developed.


Become the No 1 spectroscopy & microscopy E-commerce platform in Asia.

Our Methodology

Simtrum at it's core is a communuity of Researchers, Engineers and Scientists.

Strong Technical Proficiencies, International Resources and System Solutions.

SIMTRUM IS A TEAM of Industry Veterans and Graduates from: Ultrafast Optics, Physics, Mechanical Engineering and Nanoscale Pysics and Senior Team Members with 25 years of industrial experience and 20 years of academic experience.  In building the SIMTRUM webstore, we networked with Universities, Tech Startups and MNCs alike who meet and challenge the industry standards with the latest technological advancements and solutions. Focusing either on technological specifications or manufacturing processes, we aim to offer some of the latest technological advancements in the field of photonics and keep up to date with latest cost-effective solutions available. 

Use us as a streamlined source of information through our catalogued and easy to use website: find out about the latest devices and components on the market. Learn more about our webstore or our solutions services: Meet the team, manufacturers and get to know the resources available.                                                                                        


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