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Fluorescence / Photoluminescence Microscope | SIMTRUM

Fluorescence / PL Microscope

Fluorescence / Photoluminescence Microscope (System) - MIC-PL(XXX) Series

The MIC-PL(XXX) series is the nominal model of the micro-area laser excitation fluorescence spectroscopy measurement system, where XXX represents the wavelength. The imaging quality is comparable to a standard microscope.


This product adopts a confocal optical path design. The microscopic imaging focal plane and the spectrometer collection focal plane are perfectly at the same level. The minimum laser focus spot can be below 1um. The system is equipped with a high-precision motorized stage, the repetition accuracy of the stage is ≤ 1um, and it can perform precise spectral scanning. This system can be customized for Raman or Photoluminescence measurement.


Furthermore, our XY Microscope Piezo Stages has been designed for use our SIMSCOP Series Microscopes to provide motorized XY positioning of microscopy  samples. Access for SIMTRUM's XY Microscope Stages can be click here.




●  Multi-functional 

    ○ Photoluminescence measurement

    ○ Fluorescence spectroscopy, 

    ○ Raman spectroscopy.

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●  Optical System

    ○ Olympus BX53 bright and dark field reflective illuminator,

    ○ Beam combining / Splitting system (slot available for filter, polarizer)

    ○ Objective lens option (10x, 50x, 100x etc. based on customer requirement)

    ○ Confocal setup, laser focus point and imaging focal point at same level 


●  Detection unit (custom)

    ○ Hamamatsu cooled array back–illuminated detector, TEC cooling can reach -15°C, which is more sensitive to low light detection

    ○ Matix CCD pixels with greatly improves the sensitivity and signal-to-noise ratio (>1000:1)

    ○ VIS to NIR Spectrometer (slot available for filter, polarizer), different type of spectrometer choice refer to Spectrometer selection guide

●  Customized Features

    ○ Light source coupling provides free space light or fiber coupling (Light source selection guide)

    ○ Support optical access with more than three lasers (Recommended Laser choice)

    ○ Compatible with ultraviolet to near-infrared band

    ○ Bright and dark field / fluorescence / polarized illumination optional

    ○ User-defined filter mounting port reserved

    ○ 2D or 3D scanning


Different Setup Example




4 Channels setup with VIS to NIR Spectrometer, High resolution camera, 

and Multi wavelength excitation laser 

Single Channel model with 532nm exciting laser for 

Raman microscopy application


System physical picture reference


                    A Spectral Collection Module

                    B Imaging/Spectral Spectroscopy Module

                    C Laser Incidence Module

                    D Microscopic Reflection Illuminator and Objective Switch

                    E Motorized Stage and Sample Holder

                    F Laser Energy Controller

                    G Spectrometer

                    H Marble Platform

                   I   Camera

                  J   LED Lighting Source

                  K  Stage Control



Product specifications and Brochures

Product Brochure Link:  



 Photoluminescence / fluorescence / Micro Raman, etc 
 Laser wavelength
 Optional (355 nm, 523 nm, 633 nm, 785 nm, 1064 nm, etc.)

 Hamamatsu area array back-illuminated CCD, cooling temperature -15 °C

 6M Camera ,3072x2048, pixel size 2.4um

 Spot size
 Up to the diffraction limit (1um @ 50x objective lens @ 532nm)
 Scanning method
 3D dynamic scanning or 2D dynamic scanning optional
 Light shaping insert slot reserved

 Provide standard spectral data acquisition software, and provide customized services according to 

 customer requirements

 Customized service
 Magnetism, electricity, high and low temperature, etc.

Software Interface

             A Main function interface - realize various hardware quick control.

             B Camera interface – used for camera exposure, colour adjustment and image acquisition etc.

             C Spectral acquisition and observation interface – for spectral observation and analysis.

             D Motion Control Interface – Controls the motion of the stage

             E Spectrum and Lens Selection Screen – Spectrometer Selection 

Laser Scanning Confocal Microscope
High Speed Line Scan Confocal Microscope 
Wide Field Raman Microscope
Fluorescence / Photoluminescence Microscope
Time Correlated Single Photon Counting (Solution) 




XY Microscope Piezo Stages
Model ST-XY3-11075 ST-XY2-7550
Stroke(mm) 110 X 75 75 X 50
Driver Piezoelectric Motor Piezoelectric Motor
Maximum Load Capacity(KG) 1 1
Maximum Speed(mm/s) 100 100
Minimum Step Size(nm) 20 (50, 100nm for option) 50
Repeatability(nm) +/-200 +/-200
Position Sensor Grating Grating
Material Aluminum Alloy Aluminum Alloy
Weight(KG) 3.3 2.5

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Fluorescence/Photoluminescence Microscope (System), Detector Hamamatsu area array back-illuminated CCD, cooling temperature -15 °C 6M Camera ,3072x2048, pixel size 2.4um. Spot size up to the diffraction limit (1um @50x objective lens @532nm). 3D dynamic scanning or 2D dynamic scanning optional.
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MIC-PL(XXX) - Parameter

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Compare Model Drawings & Specs Availability Reference Price