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Faraday Rotator | SIMTRUM Photonics Store

Faraday Rotator

Explore SIMTRUM's range of Faraday rotator.The Faraday effect is a magneto-optical phenomenon where the polarization plane of light is rotated when it passes through a material in the presence of a magnetic field. It find applications in various optical systems, particularly in telecommunications and laser systems. 

Parameters Center Wavelength(nm) Extinction Ratio @23(dB) Faraday Rotation Angle for CWL(deg)
1064-2050nm PM In-line Faraday Rotator 1064/1310/1480/1550/1950/2000/2050 18-20 45
780-1080nm In-line Faraday Rotator (up to 20W) 780/808/850/980/1030/1064 20 45
980-1080nm High Power Faraday Rotator (50W/100W) 1064, 1030, 980 20 45
780-2050nm Polarization Maintaining Fiber Mirror 780/980/1064/1064/1310/1480/1550/1950/2000/2050 18-20 -
1064-2050nm Polarization Maintaining Faraday Rotator Mirror 1064/1310/1480/1550/1950/2000/2050 18-20 45-90

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