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SIMTRUM Pte Ltd is building a spectroscopy online store, we offer a variety of imaing related products, including Scientific sCMOS Cameras, VIS-NIR CMOS Camera, XUV/VUV Cameras, Terahertz Camera, Vision Cameras, Infrared Detectors, Infrared Cameras, IR Pyrometers, IR Line Array Camera , Blackbody Calibration Source, X-ray sCMOS cameras

Scientific CamerasVision CamerasInfrared Detectors/CamerasSpectral Cameras
X-ray sCMOS CameraCMOS Camera (VIS-NIR)Infrared DetectorsHyperspectral Camera (220nm-4.2um)
XUV/VUV Cameras (1-350nm)HDMI Color CMOS CameraInfrared PyrometersMulti-Spectral Camera (400-850nm)
VIS-NIR sCMOS Camera (200-1100nm)
Infrared Line Array Camera

Infrared Matrix Array Cameras

SIMTRUM Also provides a variety of Spectroscopy & Microscopy related system, check our solution page Spectroscopy Solutions | Microscopy Solutions
Technical Support Available : Contact us | Consult for system solution | International office