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VIS-NIR sCMOS Camera (200-1100nm) | SIMTRUM Photonics Store

UV-NIR sCMOS Camera (200-1100nm)

SIMTRUM Provides a range of Scientific sCMOS camera, including BSI (Backside illumination) FSI(Frontside illumination) sCMOS Technology.  below is the model comparison chart to choose the right sCMOS cameras

TypeModelSensor   TypeResolutionPixel   SizeFrame RatePeak   QE
High Speed sCMOS CameraDhyana 2100FSI CMOS / Mono5220(H) x 4096(V)4.5um x 4.5um450fps@8bit63%@520nm
Dhyana 9KTDIBSI sCMOS TDI/Mono90725um x 5um510kHZ@8bit82%@550nm,
Cooled High Sensitivity sCMOS Camera95V2BSI sCMOS/Mono2048(H) x 2048(V)11μm     x 11μm48fps@12bit STD95%@560nm
400BSI V2BSI sCMOS2048(H) x 2048(V)6.5μm x 6.5μm74fps@CL, 40fps@USB3.095%@600nm
400BSI V3BSI sCMOS2048(H) x 2048(V)6.5μm x 6.5μm100fps@CL, 40fps@USB3.095%@600nm
400DFSI   sCMOS/Mono2048(H)   x 2040(V)6.5μm x 6.5μm35fps@16bit72%@595nm
400DCFSI   sCMOS/Color2048(H)   x 2044(V)6.5μm x 6.5μm22fps@8bit, 16fps@16bit
Large Sensor sCMOS cameras6060BSIBSI sCMOS/Mono6144(H)   x 6144(V)10μm x   10μm26.4fps@12-bit STD95%@580nm
4040BSI4096(H) x   4096(V)9μm x 9μm16.5fps@CL, 9.7fps@USB3.090%@550nm
6060FSIFSI sCMOS/Mono6144(H) x   6144(V)10μm x   10μm44fps@12-bit STD72%@550nm
4040FSI4096(H) x   4096(V)9μm x 9μm16.5fps@CL, 9.7fps@USB3.074%@600nm
Compact Industry sCMOS Camera401D  FSI sCMOS/Mono2048(H) x 2048(V)6.5μm   x 6.5μm40fps@16bit, 45fps@8bit72%@595nm
401A-G2048(H) x 2048(V)11μm   x 11μm
401A-U2048(H) x 2048(V)11μm   x 11μm
201D2048(H)   x 1152(V)6.5μm   x 6.5μm70fps@16bit, 80fps@8bit72%@595nm

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