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Soft X-Ray BSI sCMOS Camera (80-1000eV) | SIMTRUM Photonics

Soft X-Ray BSI sCMOS Camera (80-1000eV)
X-ray sCMOS Camera XF95 

Dhyana XF95 is a new generation of soft X-ray Back-illuminated sCMOS Camera. Line application features have carried out new performance upgrades and technical transformations:

1. Using a new generation of back-illuminated sCMOS chips without anti-reflection coating, the quantum efficiency has been greatly improved in the corresponding 80eV-1000eV photon energy range, which has exceeded 90% as a whole and some wavelengths have reached nearly 100% ultra-high level, with more professional soft X-ray, extreme ultraviolet imaging performance, and radiation damage resistance. [1]

2. Using the new vacuum refrigeration structure, it can be compatible with 10-7Pavacuum chamber environment applications, the refrigeration depth can be lower than the ambient temperature by 70℃, and the deep refrigetation level can be up to -50 ℃. Low camera noise floor and thermal noise, improving the camera's long exposure working time.


●   ~100%@80-1000 eV Ultra-high Quantum Efficiency

●   Max. 10-7 Pa Vacuum Compatibility

●   1.2 - 5.4" Imaging Area 

●   48fps @4MP High Frame Rate

●   -50℃ Deep Refrigeration

Dhyana XF95 Quantum Efficiency Graph

Dhyana XF95/F400BS Quantum Efficiency Graph


Fig1 French SOLEIL synchrotron beamline chamber [2]
Fig2 Dhyana camera 186 eV beam diffaction pattern [2]

Application comment: "Back-illuminated sCMOS technology can be adapted to specific applications at a more attractive cost and shows overall exhibits a good dynamic range, which can significantly reduce acquisition time for imaging applications compared to commonly used classical back-illuminated CCD cameras.." [3]  - Journal of Synchrotron Radiation, 2020

[1] Harada, Tetsuo , et al. "High-exposure-durability, high-quantum-efficiency (>90%) backside-illuminated soft-X-ray CMOS sensor." Applied Physics Express 13.1(2020):016502 (4pp).

[2] Desjardins, K. , et al. "Characterization of a back-illuminated CMOS camera for soft x-ray coherent scattering." PROCEEDINGS OF THE 13TH INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE ON SYNCHROTRON RADIATION INSTRUMENTATION ‒ SRI2018 2019.

[3] Backside‐illuminated scientific CMOS detector for soft X‐ray resonant scattering and ptychography[J]. Journal of Synchrotron Radiation, 2020.

Product specifications and Brochures

Product Brochure Link:  


Sensor ModelBack-illuminated sCMOS without Anti-reflection Coating
Area Array Size2 inches (22.5mm x 22.5mm)
Pixel Size11μm x 11μm
2048 x 2048
Spectral Range80-1000eV; 200 nm - 1100 nm
Peak QE*1~100% @ 80-1000eV
Readout Noise1.6e- (Median)
Full-well Capacity90ke-
Frame Rate48fps@4MP
Vacuum Compatibility*10-7Pa (Max.)
Cooling Temperature-50°C@20°C room temperature
Data InterfaceCaneraLink & USB3.0
Flange InterfaceDN 100 CF Standard

* Remark: 1. The QE value comes from the factory report of the chip. for performance evaluation, please refer to the professional paper. 

                 2. The vacuum tightness data comes from a third-party professional evaluation agency. 

                 3. The evaluation of other photoelectric parameters of the camera strictly implements the EMVA1288 test standard.

Product Structure

Documents & Manuals

Camera Quick Start 

Support: Dhayana Series Cameras

Mosaic 1.6 Software Introduction

Support: Dhayana Series Cameras

Camera Quick Start

Support: FL-20, FL-20BW, TrueChrome Series, HD Lite (HDMI), MIchrome Series, GT USB2.0 Series


Mosaic 2.2 Software Introduction 

Support: FL-20, FL-20BW, TrueChrome Series, HD Lite (HDMI), MIchrome Series, GT USB2.0 Series


Tucsen Camera Quick Start (TCapture)


TCapture Software Introduction


Software & Drivers*

 Software--Mosaic 1.6.8 windows

         Support: Dhyana 95/400BSI/400DC/400D

 Software-- Mosaic 2.2 Mac

          Support: MIchrome Series | GT Series | FL Series | TrueChrome AF/Metrics


 Software--Mosaic 2.3 windows

          Support: MIchrome Series | GT Series | FL Series | TrueChrome AF/Metrics/HD Lite


 Plugin-- Directshow and Twain

          Support:MIchrome Series | GT Series | FL Series | TrueChrome AF/Metrics/HD Lite/4K


 Driver--Corporate with all cameras

          Support for Windows 7 and above (32 & 64bit)


image.png Plugin--Labview (with user guide)

          Support: Dhyana95 | Dhyana 400BSI V1/V2 | Dhyana400D | Dhyana 401DS | Dhyana 201DS


image.png Plugin--Matlab (with user guide)

          Support: Dhyana95 | Dhyana 400BSI V1/V2 | Dhyana400D | Dhyana400DC | Dhyana 401DS | Dhyana 201DS


image.png Plugin--MetaXpress (with user guide)

                          Support: Dhyana95 | Dhyana 400BSI V1/V2| Dhyana400D | Dhyana400DC | FL-20BW


image.png Plugin--Micromanager (with user guide)

                     Support: Dhyana95 | Dhyana 400BSI V1/V2| Dhyana400D | Dhyana400DC | FL-20BW


 Software--TCapture 5.1.1

          Support: TrueChrome Metrics/IIS/II/HD Lite | DigiRetina16/500/DigiSwift | ISH1000/500/300/130



          Support: CCD | X1000/500 Camera

*Please open link in a new tab

Microscop Cameras

Camera CategoryResolutionPixel SizeFPSWavelengthNote
Microscope  TE-Cooling USB3.0 CCD Camera1.5MP to 12MP6.45um to 3.1um~30FPS380nm - 650nmIR Cut filter
Microscope  USB3.0 CCD Camera1.5MP to 12MP6.45um to 3.1um~30FPS380nm - 650nmIR Cut filter
Large Format TC-Cooling USB3.0 CMOS Camera24MP and 61MP5.94um and 3.76umup to 190FPS380nm -650nmUV extended available
TE-Cooling USB3.0 CMOS Camera10MP to 45MP4.63um to 2.31umup to 96FPS380nm - 650nmIR Cut filter
TE-Cooling USB3.0 CMOS Camera with  External Trigger0.5MP / 0.5MP6.9um / 9um20FPS380nm - 650nm
External Trigger
Microscope USB3.0 CMOS Camera0.5MP to 45MP
6.9um to 1.55umupto 520FPS380nm - 650nmIR Cut filter
Microscope USB3.0 CMOS Camera UV Enhanced1.3MP to 10MP9.7um to 4.6umupto 86FPS200nm -1100nm
Microscope USB3.0 CMOS Camera wish ISP1.5MP to 45MP
3.4um to 1.2umupto 165FPS380nm - 650nmIR Cut filter / ISP
Eyepiece USB3.0 CMOS Camera5MP2um30FPS380nm - 650nmIR Cut filter
HDMI Color CMOS Camera2MP to 8MP
60FPS380 - 1100nm

UV & NIR Enhanced CMOS Camera4.2/8MP,  2.1/4.1MP

upto 200FPS200-1100nmUV or NIR Enhance

Scientific Cameras

TypeModelWavelengthSensor   TypeResolutionPixel sizeFrame RateQE
X-RAY sCMOS Camera XF9580-1000eVBSI sCMOS2048 x 204822.5um or 13.3um 48~100% full range
XUV/VUV CameramaxCam1-300nm BSI/FSI CCD 1024 x 25526um
Refer to brochures
High Speed sCMOS CameraDhyana 2100200-1100nmFSI CMOS / Mono5220(H) x 4096(V)4.5um x 4.5um450fps@8bit63%@520nm
Dhyana 9KTDI200-1100nmBSI sCMOS TDI/Mono90725um x 5um510kHZ@8bit82%@550nm,
Cooled High Sensitivity sCMOS Camera95V2200-1100nmBSI sCMOS/Mono2048(H) x 2048(V)11μm x 11μm48fps@12bit STD95%@560nm
400BSI V2200-1100nmBSI sCMOS2048(H) x 2048(V)6.5μm x 6.5μm74fps@CL, 40fps@USB3.095%@600nm
400BSI V3200-1100nmBSI sCMOS2048(H) x 2048(V)6.5μm x 6.5μm100fps@CL, 40fps@USB3.095%@600nm
400D200-1100nmFSI   sCMOS/Mono2048(H) x 2040(V)6.5μm x 6.5μm35fps@16bit72%@595nm
400DC200-1100nmFSI   sCMOS/Color2048(H) x 2044(V)6.5μm x 6.5μm22fps@8bit, 16fps@16bit
Large Sensor sCMOS cameras6060BSI200-1100nmBSI sCMOS/Mono6144(H) x 6144(V)10μm x 10μm26.4fps@12-bit STD95%@580nm
4040BSI200-1100nm4096(H) x   4096(V)9μm x 9μm16.5fps@CL, 9.7fps@USB3.090%@550nm
6060FSI200-1100nmFSI sCMOS/Mono6144(H) x   6144(V)10μm x 10μm44fps@12-bit STD72%@550nm
4040FSI200-1100nm4096(H) x   4096(V)9μm x 9μm16.5fps@CL, 9.7fps@USB3.074%@600nm
Compact Industry sCMOS Camera401D  200-1100nmFSI sCMOS/Mono2048(H) x 2048(V)6.5μm x 6.5μm40fps@16bit, 45fps@8bit72%@595nm
401A-G200-1100nm2048(H) x 2048(V)11μm x 11μm
401A-U200-1100nm2048(H) x 2048(V)11μm x 11μm
201D200-1100nm2048(H) x 1152(V)6.5μm x 6.5μm70fps@16bit, 80fps@8bit72%@595nm

Intensified CMOS Cameras

TypeTime-Resolved iCMOSHigh-speed Gated iCMOS CameraHigh-speed Fluorescence iCMOS Camera
540M/S1000M/SFLUO (1000 FPS)FLUO (2000 FPS)
Product Image

TRiCAM_Specifications 1.jpeg

Framerate 162 fps540 fps1000 fps1000 fps - 7500 fps2000 fps - 6400 fps
Sensor Resolution1920 x 1200 pixels1696 x 1710 pixels1280 x 1024 pixels1280 x 1024 pixels1920 x 1080 pixels*
Pixel size5.86 x 5.86  µm 8 x 8 µm6.6   x 6.6 µm6.6 x 6.6 µm10 x 10 µm
Photon gain (max.)50000 lm/m^2/lx 11000 lm/m^2/lx11000 lm/m^2/lx36000 lm/m^2/lx36000 lm/m^2/lx
Gating repetition rate100 or 300Khz100khz100khz100khz100khz
Intensifier18mm intensifier Dual-stage   intensifierDual-stage intensifierSingle-stage intensifier  Single-stage intensifier
Bit Depth10 bit and 12 bit8 bit8 and 12 bit8 and 12 bit8 bit
Minimum exposure time40 ns (3 ns optional)40 ns (3 ns optional)40 ns (3 ns optional)40 ns (3 ns optional)40 ns (3 ns optional)

Imaging Intensified Tube

TypeTime-Resolved Image IntensifierHigh-speed Image Intensifier
Model 18Model 25Model 18Model 25
Product Image

Input diameter18mm25mm18mm25mm
Effective areaGen II: ø 17.5 mm, Gen III: 13.5x10 mmGen II: ø 24.5 mm, Gen III: 16x16 mmGen II: ø 17.5 mm, Gen III:   13.5x10 mmGen II: ø 24.5 mm, Gen III: 16x16 mm
Max. Repetition 100 kHz, 300 kHz or 1 MHz100 kHz, 300 kHz or 1 MHz100khz Or 300khz ,  2.5 MHz  burst mode100khz Or 300khz,  2.5 MHz burst mode
Min. gate width< 3ns - 40ns (FWHM)< 3ns - 40ns (FWHM)< 3ns - 40ns (FWHM)< 3ns - 40ns (FWHM)
Frame RateUp to 500 fpsUp to 500 fpsup to 1,000,000 fpsup to 1,000,000 fps
Photon Gain

S20 : 14800, S25:30000
GaAs: 40000, GaAsp: 20000

S20 : 14800, S25:30000
GaAs: 40000, GaAsp: 20000
S20 : 40000, S25:30000
GaAs: 30000, GaAsp: 50000
S20 : 40000, S25:30000
GaAs: 30000, GaAsp: 50000

Short-wave, Mid-wave, Long-wave Infrared Cameras

ProductSpectral RangeRsolutionCoolingFeature
SWIR Camera400-1700nm1.3MP, 0.3MPuncooled 
MIR CameraMid Infrared Detector3.7um to 4.8um0.08MP, 0.3MP,1.5MPCooled
Mid Infrared Camera3.7um to 4.8um0.08MP, 0.3MP,1.5MPCooled
Duel Band Detector3.7 to 4.8um|7.7 to 9.5um320*256px Cooled
LWIR CameraCooled LWIR Detector7.7um to 9.4um0.08MP, 0.3MPCooled
Cooled LWIR Camera7.7um to 9.4um0.3MPCooled
LWIR Thermography Camera 8 to 14um0.08MP, 0.3MP,1.5MPUncooledBroad Temperature Range
Thermography Camera for Skin Screening8 to 14um320*256px UncooledBody Temperature
Thermal Imaging Cameras for Phone8 to 14um256*192pxUncooledFor Smart Phone
Compact Thermal Imaging Camera8 to 14um0.08MP, 0.3MPUncooledFor CCTV , Drone

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Dhyana XF95 BSI
X-ray BSI sCMOS Camera (80-1000eV), Pixel Size 11um x 11um, resolution 2048 x 2048, Peak QE 1-100% @80-1000eV
4-6 Weeks Request for quote

Dhyana XF95 BSI - Parameter

Dhyana XF95 BSI - Download


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