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Ultra-fast Pulse Generating Modulator Driver | SIMTRUM Photonics Store

Ultra-fast Pulse Generator for TCSPC

Ultra-fast Pulse Generator for TCSPC (100ps, +/- 5V)

STNPG-1H20A is an ultra-fast pulse generator especially for driving M-Z modulator. It has precision pulse width and pulse height control and it  can accept any logic level as trigger input. The pulse width can be set to  lock or tuning mode by pressing the knob, while entering the lock mode,  the last setting will be saved for power-cycling convenience. The pulse  height can also be changed by another knob, while it has additional  coarse tuning mode for faster adjustment.


Compared to previous model, STNPG-1H20A integrates a high-performance temperature control system for its RF gain block, therefore the output pulse stability of height and width is greatly improved, that is  resistant to ambient temperature changes and it can run stably for a long  time.






- Minimal 100ps pulse width

Any-level trigger input

Pulse height and pulse lock/tuning mode with LED indication

Integrated RF gain block temperature control

USB communication control port



Narrow pulse generation

IM-based chopper laser

Electro-optical intensity modulation

Optical telecommunication

RF test instrumentation



100ps pulse width @1.8GHz, 7V amplitude

2ns pulse width @100MHz, 10V amplitude



Product specifications and Brochures

Product Brochure Link:  

Electrical Specifications
    Trigger Input (SMA x1)
      Input Voltage Range -5   5 V
      Input Threshold -2   2 V
      Input Frequency 0.1   1800 MHz
      Input Pulse Width 280     ps
      Input Impedance 50Ω, DC-coupled
    Synchronous Output (SMA x1)
      Output Voltage   400   mV
      Output Impedance 50 Ω, AC-coupled
    RF Output (SMA x1)
      Adjustable Pulse Width [1] 100   5000 ps
      Output Pulse Width Resolution 10     ps
      Rising Time (20%~80%)   55 70 ps
      Falling Time (20%~80%)   70 85 ps
      Adjustable Pulse Amplitude [2]     8 V
      Output Impedance 50Ω, AC-coupled
Hardware Specifications
Operating Temperature 0   40
Power Supply   12   VDC
Power Consumption [3]   15 35 W
Dimensions (W x D x H) 191.4 x 168 x 44.3 mm
Net Weight 1.2 kg



The maximum pulse width may be limited by the input pulse width.

The maximum pulse amplitude is tested @ 100MHz trigger input and 200ps pulse width.

The power consumption may up to 35 watts within a few seconds while power-on, because the module TEC is achieving the target temperature.


Power Supply - Users should use a high quality 12V DC  power supply with at least 3A current rating. Either the  attached AC-power adaptor or a high-quality linear power  supply is recommended.


Pulse Width Control – Users may press the knob to toggle  between lock/unlock mode for pulse width control. The pulse width can be adjusted by turning the knob in unlock  mode, while pulse width can be fixed and stored by pressing  the knob into lock mode. Each time power cycling, pre-stored pulse width will be loaded automatically with lock  mode on.


Pulse height control – Users may press the knob to toggle  among lock/coarse-tuning/fine-tuning mode for pulse  height control. The last tuned pulse height can be fixed and  stored by pressing the knob back into lock mode. Each time  power cycling, pre-stored pulse height will be loaded  automatically.


Trigger threshold adjustment - The threshold is pre-set to  0V by factory default. The LED of TRIG‘D is steady off when  trigger is not present or not properly triggered. Adjusting the trigger threshold with a screw driver till the LED turns  blinking, if needed.


LED indicators


Temp. Control Debug Port – for factory use only.


USB Communication Port – Users can set the pulse width and height by connecting this  port to a computer via a USB type-B cable. The protocol is based on a series of simple  four-byte UART commands as follows



Dimensions (Unit: mm)




Ultra-fast Pulse Generator for TCSPC

Time-Correlated Single-Photon Counting System

ID1000 Timing Controller


Visible Single Photon Detector(SPD)

Model Wavelength Range Timing Resolution QE  Dark Count Rate
Silicon APD Detection Module
200 -1060nm   65%@700nm,2%@200nm <200cps to <500cps
Visible SPD (Peak QE~500nm) 350 - 1000nm <40ps 35%@500nm, 25%@600nm <7Hz  to <250Hz
Visible SPD (Peak QE~800nm) 350 - 1000nm <200ps
60%@640nm, 80%@800nm <300Hz to <1000Hz
Visible Photon Counter OEM
350 - 900nm 40 -60ps 35%@500nm,4%@900nm <30Hz to <300Hz


Infrared Single Photon Detector(SPD)

Model Wavelength Range Jitter  QE  Dark Count Rate
NIR Single Photon Detector (Dual Channels)
900-1700nm <100ps    ≤2e-6/gate @10% SPDE
Super Conducting Nanowire System 780 - 1625nm 20- 40ps >80% over min 100nm <1Hz  to <100Hz
NIR Single Photon Detector (900-1700) 900 - 1700nm   10%, 20% @1550nm ≤2e-6/gate @10% SPDE
NIR Single Photon Detector Free Running/Gated 900 - 1700nm <150ps
up to 35% 0.8 to 6 Khz

NIR Single Photon Detector Low Dark Count

900 - 1700nm <150ps
25% 50 t0 200 Hz



Photomultiplier Tubes (PMTs)

Visible Single Photon Detector(SPD)

Infrared Single Photon Detector(SPD)

Photodiode PD (200nm-12um)

Pyroelectric Infrared Detectors (2-12um)

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Ultra-fast Pulse Generating Modulator Driver, input voltage range -5 to 5V, input threshold -2 to 2V, frequency 0.1-1800MHz, pulse width 280ps, adjustable pulse width 100-5000ps, resolution 10ps.
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STNPG-1H20A - Parameter

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Compare Model Drawings & Specs Availability Reference Price