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Pulse & Impulse Generators | SIMTRUM Photonics Store

Pulse & Impulse Generators

SIMTRUM Provide different Pulse & Impulse Generator below are different options , contact us if there are too many option, we will guide you through different models

Voltage OutputPulse WidthRise time
General Purpose Pulse Generatorfrom ±5V to ±400V,1ms to 200ns
Meidum & High Voltage Pulse Generator from 12V to 3000V1ms to 20ns, > 1ns
Very High Speed Pulse Generator from 5V to 100V1ns to 80ps < 1ns
High Speed Impulse Generatorsfrom 10 to 920V1ns to 130ps
Function Generatorto 1000 Volts peak-to-peak

Pulse Ampliferto 1000 Volts peak-to-peak

Technical Support Available: Contact us  You can download our full Product Line Card Click Here