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CW Single Mode Fiber Laser (405nm - 2um)

The Continuous Wave Single Mode Fiber Laser series uses butterfly semiconductor laser chip/distributed feedback (DFB) semiconductor laser chip to ensure safe and stable operation of the laser, output power and spectral stability. They are all available in desktop or modular packages. The wavelengths we provide are from 405nm to 2050nm

TypeWavelengthWavelength   AccuracySpectral   LinewidthOutput   Power
405-940 CW Single Mode Fiber Laser405/450/488/520/532/638/660/670
±5 nm-5 -150mW
793-1064 CW Multi Mode High Power Fiber Pump Laser793/808/915/976 nm±3 nm / ±10 nm3nm / 6nm5/10/25W
974/976 CW Single Mode Fiber Pump Laser974/976 nm±1 nm-200 - 1000mW
1030/1064 CW Single Mode Fiber Laser1064 nm±2 nm<0.1nm100mW - 10W 
1310 CW Single Mode Fiber Laser1310 nm±3 nm≤ 3MHz5/10/20mW
1450/1480 CW Single Mode Fiber Laser1425/1435/1455/1465/1480     nm±3 nm-200 - 800mW
1550/1570 CW Single Mode Fiber Laser1550 nm±0.5 nm≤ 3MHz1550 10mW - 20W
/1570 10-40dBm
2000 High Power CW Fiber Laser1900-2050 nm-<1nm > 30 W

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