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Monochromators & Spectrographs

Monochromators: Are a critical component for spectral applications since they can act as tunable bandpass filters for light, allowing it to be excellent tunable light sources and for high precision spectral measurements. 

Spectrographs: Splits light into its component wavelengths through the use of telescope, collimating mirror and a diffraction grating. Different wavelenghts are bent in different angles and rotating these light onto a photodector allows us to measure the strength of the different wavelenghts.

Filter Wheels: The filters, which are used to attenuate the light intensity and prevent unwanted spectral wavelengths from contaminating the recorded image, are merged with wheels to position selected filters in the imaging path quickly and accurately. 

Accessories: They complement the monochromators and spectrographs and are avaliable as spheres, fibers, probes and adapters.