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VUV Spectrometers (80-300nm) | SIMTRUM Photonics Store

VUV Spectrometers (80-300nm)

 VUV Spectrometer Specification Comparison

Product Brochures EnglishmaxLIGHT pro  | easyLIGHT vuv

中文产品册maxLIGHT pro | easyLIGHT vuv 

Product Model


easyLIGHT (VUV)Remark

Wavelength (nm)

40 to 200

80 to 300


0.9 to 1.6nm/mm



<0.05nm at 120nm

 Wavelength Accuracy

Source Distance


 Deviation Angle
 F Number




Operating Pressure (mbar)


UHV Version Available

No-Slit Technology



Entrance Slit


Continuously Variable 0-4mmMotorization Available

Grating Positioning

Motorized Closed-loop

Spectral Filter Insertion Unit



Control Interfaces

USB or Ethernet


Windows UI and LabVIEW/VB/C/C++ SDK


Fully Customizable


Non-magnetic, rotated geometry, etc.

Advantge of Slit-less Technology in VUV Spectrometer 

Direct imaging of the source

In contrast to conventional devices the innovative XUV / VUV spectrometers by HP do not require a narrow 

entrance aperture but rather image the harmonic source directly onto the detector. Thus 80% or more of the

incoming beam can be used for measurement. This configuration typically collects 15 to 25 times more light 

than standard versions, resulting in a signal-to-noise figure improved by the same ratio. In some experiments, 

this improved signal strength is the crucial step for realizing a measurement at all.


Superior signal strength

The amount of light collected by the spectrometer is the key factor influencing its overall sensitivity and ultimately the most important feature required to obtain high 

quality data even from weak sources. Conventional spectrometers use an entrance aperture (slit) at a fixed distance from the grating to create a small source which 

is then dispersed and imaged onto the detector. In contrast to that the H+P spectrographs can be configured to directly image a radiation source positioned at any 

distance from the grating onto the detector. In practice this allows for the collection of 15 to 25 times as much light from point-like radiation sources compared to a 

conventional spectrometer with a 100µm entrance slit without degradation in spectral resolution.

Rugged design

The compact design of our XUV and VUV spectrometers makes them inherently insensitive against mechanical and environmental disturbances (vibrations, acoustics, 

etc). No moving parts on the outside and closed-loop motors with absolute position monitoring inside the instrument add to the robustness and allow for monitoring of 

the grating alignment at all times. The spectrometer can be bolted directly to a vacuum chamber and is capable of carrying its own weight. No table required. The 

design also allows mounting in virtually any orientation.

Robust against misalignment

Owing to the rugged design even smaller bumps do not influence the instruments alignment. If the instrument is knocked heavily while the motor control is enabled, the 

grating can be repositioned to the saved setting using the grating positioning motors. In addition the concept of a spectrometer without entrance slit also makes the 

instrument less sensitive to misalignment. Under typical operating conditions a misalignment of the beam in the dispersion direction on the entrance of the spectrometer 

by 500um would lead to a signal reduction by more than 20% in an instrument with entrance slit, while it is less than 10% for our design.

Flat-field imaging technology

All our spectrometers are based on high quality aberration-corrected flat-field gratings. In contrast to conventional 

gratings these focus all wavelengths onto a plane rather than a circle. This allows for positioning the entire 

detector in the focal plane of the grating for superior spectral resolution.


maxLIGHT pro


Our maxLIGHT pro spectrometer features aberration-corrected flat-field wavelength coverage from 1nm to 200nm. Wide-band spectral measurements are possible by three gratings covering 1-20nm, 5-80nm, and 40-200nm. The spectrometer can be used without entrance slit to maximize light collection for a range of source distances. Its modular design is able to match different experimental geometries and configurations. It features an integrated slit holder and filter insertion unit, as well as a motorized grating positioning.

Direct Imaging of the Source

 Images the source directly onto the detctor, does not require a narrow 

  entrance aperture=

 ~20 times more light collection than standard versions, resulting in a 

  signal-to-noise figure improved by the same ratio

 In some experiments, this improved signal strength is the crucial step 

  for realizing a measurement at all

Rugged and Robost Design

 Compact design, small footprint

 Inherently insensitive against environmental disturbances and 

  misalignment due to omission of entrance slit

 No moving parts

 Absolute grating position monitoring for maintaining grating alignment

 Can be bolted directly to a vacuum chamber

Special Solutions

 Non-magnetic instruments

 Special housing geometries, in-chamber solutions


 UHV configurations

Capture 1.PNG

Sample measurement demonstrating the improved signal strength. 

With the same signal strength, the resolution of maxLIGHT (solid 

lines) is significantly higher compared with a standard spectrometer

(dotted lines). For equivalent resolution, standard technology would 

require a narrow slit setting and thus a significant degradation in 

signal strength. The proprietary no-slit technology delivers high 

resolution and signal strength at the same time. (data courtesy of 

Prof. C. Hauri, Paul Scherrer Inst.)


 Every spectrometer is customized to exactly match the desired 


 Interfacing to experimental chambers

 Adaption of the source distance

 Integration of customer-supplied detectors

 User-defined filter mounts


Sample measurement demonstrating the resolving power of 

maxLIGHT. The shown high harmonic spectrum is generated 

by the interaction of a single femtosecond laser pulse with a 

solid target and subsequent spectral filtering. The substructure

 inherent to the generation process is clearly resolved by the 

XUV spectrometer. Plasma Phys. Control. Fusion 53 124021 


easyLIGHT spectrometer

 Compact VUV Spectrometer

Our easyLIGHT spectrometer provides aberration-corrected wavelength coverage in the vacuum ultraviolet spectral region. Based on a normal-incidence geometry, it offers spectrograph and monochromator functionality. The high-efficiency gratings can be rotated about their apexes by a high-accuracy positioning system, resulting in a wavelength selection accuracy at the exit slit of <0.1 nm. Entrance and exit slit widths can be set in the range of 0.01 to 4 mm by micrometer screws or a motorized actuator (optional).


 Spectrograph and monochromator in one device

• Slits continuously adjustable manually or motorized (optional)

• Compact and cost-effective

Special Solutions

• Non-magnetic instruments

• UHV configurations

• etc

Efficiency and Accuracy

• High accuracy wavelength selection by closed-loop micro-precision 

  grating actuator

• Grating positioning controllable by software

• Highly efficient aberration-corrected grating

• Double stray light filter


• Every spectrometer is customized to exactly match the desired 

  application, e.g:

 Interfacing to experimental chambers

• Adaption of the source distance

• Integration of customer-supplied detectors

• User-defined filter mounts


Related UV Camera Options



 back-illuminated CCD from e2v (grade 1),

 enhanced process, uncoated

front-illuminated CCD from e2v (grade 1), 

enhanced process

Wavelength1-100nm( Best QE)50-300nm
 Pixels 1024 x 255 *
 Pixel size 26 x 26 um
 Image area 26.7 x 6.7 mm
 Spectral rates 200/s full vertical bin, 1000/s crop mode
 Minimum temperature -60° C air cooled
 Well depth

 500 000 e- active area,  1 000 000 eregister

 Read noise 12.5 etyp. at 500kHz
 Dark current 0.004 e- /px/s at -60°C
 Linearity >99%
 Vacuum compatibility 10-8mbar

Related Spectrometer Product 

Product ModelWavelength (nm)DispersionResolution  
maxLIGHT Pro (XUV)5 to 800.5 to   1.3nm/mm<0.028nm at 40nm
easyLIGHT (XUV)30 to 250~2.0nm/mm<0.1nm
highLIGHT(XUV)1 to 100-<0.1nm
maxLIGHT (VUV)40 to 2000.9 to   1.6nm/mm<0.05nm at 120nm
easyLIGHT (VUV)80 to  300~2.5nm/mm<0.1nm
X-Ray Spectroscopy 
2-4 keV
Extended X-ray Spectroscopy5-12keV

Near Edge X-ray absorption 
200 - 1200eV

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industry-leading sensor, specifically designed for XUV applications, native Ethernet interface ,comprehensive software package ,compact CF63 footprint
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4-6 Weeks Request for quote

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