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  • SIMTRUM Product Line Card 2022

    Light Analysis,Lasers/Light,Imaging,SIMTRUM's Products

    SIMTRUM ProdoctLight AnalysisLaser LightImaging

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  • User Manual - Maskless Lithography UV Laser Writer

    Lasers/Light,SIMTRUM's Products

    Nanyte BEAM Users Manual

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  • User Manual & Software - SIMTRUM Spectrometer & Raman

    Light Analysis,SIMTRUM's Products

    Flavor is a spectrum measurement and analysis software developed by SIMTRUM PTE LTD which is used for the setting and operation of SIMTRUMs Optical Fiber Spectrometers, Raman Spectrometers, Lasers and other equipment. Below are the Users Manual, Driver Software, or Click Here to...

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  • User Manual - SIMTRUM Heating & Cryo Stager for Microscopy

    SIMTRUM's Products,Microscopes

    Hardware Inspection and InstallationUser Manual Link:1. Check the outer packagingCheck whether the outer package is complete, if it is damaged, please contact in time.2. Hardware inspection and introduction 2.1 Circulating water hose x 2 (for connecting the circulating w...

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  • C-Mount Camera & Microscope Configuration

    Imaging,SIMTRUM's Products,Microscopes

    Trinocular Digital MicroscopeStep 1 Attach the C-Mount Camera and Adapter to the straight photo tubeStep 2 Attach the C-Mount Camera and Adapter to the 3rd ocular tube or the other 2 eyepiece tubesBinocular Digital MicroscopeStep 1 Remove the eyepiece from the ocular tube or the ...

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