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Intensified CMOS Camera (200-1100nm) | SIMTRUM Photonics

Intensified CMOS Camera (200-1100nm)

SIMTRUM Provide below different types of Intensified CMOS camere and intensifier 

Time-Resolved iCMOSHigh-speed Gated iCMOS CameraHigh-speed Fluorescence iCMOS Camera
540M/S1000M/SFLUO (1000 FPS)FLUO (2000 FPS)
Framerate 162 fps540 fps1000 fps1000 fps - 7500 fps2000 fps - 6400 fps
Sensor Resolution1920 x 1200 pixels1696 x 1710 pixels1280 x 1024 pixels1280 x 1024 pixels1920 x 1080 pixels*
Pixel size5.86 x 5.86  µm 8 x 8 µm6.6 x 6.6 µm6.6 x 6.6 µm10 x 10 µm
Photon gain (max.)50000 lm/m^2/lx 11000 lm/m^2/lx11000 lm/m^2/lx36000 lm/m^2/lx36000 lm/m^2/lx
Gating repetition rate100 or 300Khz100khz100khz100khz100khz
Intensifier18mm intensifier Dual-stage intensifierDual-stage intensifierSingle-stage intensifier  Single-stage intensifier
Bit Depth10 bit and 12 bit8 bit8 and 12 bit8 and 12 bit8 bit
Minimum exposure time40 ns (3 ns optional)40 ns (3 ns optional)40 ns (3 ns optional)40 ns (3 ns optional)40 ns (3 ns optional)

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