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Smart 3D Stereo Microscope | SIMTRUM Photonics Store

Smart 3D Stereo Microscope

TMETRICS T20 - Smart 3D microscope with 16X-160X Optical system

The T20  is a smart stereo microscope, which is built with 3D and EDF technologies for the efficiency of microscopic researches and inspections. Its unique All-in-one design is equal to five professional equipment in one: a stereoscopic microscope, a camera, a microscopy software, a Z-axis electronic platform and a computer host.

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8mm Diagonal FOV

1920 x1080 Resolution

3.75μm×3.75μm Pixel Size

60fps@2MP Frame Rate

HDMI Data interface

Simple but Powerful All-in-one Design
Highly integrated, equal to five professional equipment in one

No computer is required, all functions can be completed by mouse

Core technology creats strong linkage performance

Observation Upgrade

Observe under high magnification, microscope cannot focus on multiple layers at the same time.

16-160X magnification observation, high-speed auto focus throughout

Clear and Efficient Microscopic Observation

T20 super depth of field achieves clear and 3D microscopic observation

Real-time depth of field (EDF), reduce blurry and false images
It is easy to cause angle deviation, rotation  and uneven focal plane when using third-  party software and hardware systems to  expand the depth of field, T20's optical-mechanical-electrical integration structure  and linkage algorithm technology can solve  the above problems and obtain a clear and  correct full-frame focus picture.

Real-time wide dynamic (WDR), effectively eliminate strong reflections on metal surface
The strong reflection of the metal surface  can easily cause the loss of detailed  information and affect the judgment. The T20  WDR mode can create images with perfect  exposure and clear light and dark details by  calculating the data of multiple images with  different brightness in real time.

Measurement Upgrade

Real-time measurement, no need to recalibrate in auto focus and zoom mode

Automatic edge extraction to eliminate human error

T20 automatic edge extraction function can quickly  perform standard modeling work without manual  precise positioning, 3 micron resolution, automatic  measurement accuracy ≤ 5 microns, repeat  accuracy ≤ 3 microns, effectively eliminating human  operation errors.

Automatic batch measurement to improve work efficiency

After completing the standard modeling of small  devices, T20 can quickly complete the batch  measurement work of other samples, export data  information of multiple samples in one time, greatly  improve work efficiency.

Continuous and Complete Measurement Data Recoding

Available to do 3D measurement at any position

Diversified tools, real-time data recording

T20 provides a wealth of measurement and analysis  tools, and can record data in real time. The Z-axis  measurement accuracy of ≤50 microns and the  repeatability of ≤5 microns can meet the needs of most  microscopic measurement.

Data can be exported with automatically reports created

T20 can not only save image and video data, but also  automatically create test reports with pictures and  texts. All data in the workflow can be exported, when  the operation is over, the work is completed, quite  simple and easy!

Material Section Analysis

Surface Mark Inspection

Biological Observation

Parts Measurement

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