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Extended X-ray Absorption EXAFS (5-12keV) | SIMTRUM Photonics Store

Extended X-ray Absorption EXAFS (5-12keV)


A complete lab-based solution for Extended X-ray Absorption Fine Structure (EXAFS) and X-ray 

Absorption Near Edge Structure (XANES) measurements.

In a compact footprint, it integrates x-ray tube source, high-resolution spectrometer, and hybrid 

detector together with a software suite to control instrument functions and analyze data. Spectra 

quality is on par with synchrotron measurements hence beamtime application is not required.

The x-ray tube source and spectrometer cover the energy range 5 to 12 keV, thus including the K 

absorption edges of 3d-transition metals. The optimized HAPG von Hamos architecture of the 

spectrometer yields an extremely high signal-to-noise ratio.This results in the analyte 

concentration being weighted lowly at few percentage.The instrument combines high efficiency 

with high spectral resolving power of up to E/ΔE = 4000, constant over the range of the covered 

absorption edges.



Table-top XAFS system

Synchrotron-quality spectra


 First integrated lab-based EXAFS and XANES solution

 Beamtime does not require appliction

 Fast polychromatic acquisition

 Energy range 5 to 12keV

 High resolving power of 4000

 Wide bandpass of up to 1keV

 Chemical state analysis for geology, biology, materials research

 Information on atomic distances, oxidation state, coordination 


 Analysis of K-absorption edges of 3d-transition metals

Element Range

 Range of elements accessible to  hiXAS for EXAFS and XANES 


 Even diluted samples with analyte concentrations of only a few 

    weight percent can be measured in a time frame of several




 Sample XAFS measurement of a 10um Cu foil, comparing lab-based (red) 

     and synchrotron (black) results.

 EXAFS oscillations (left) and corresponding Fourier transformation (right).

 Acquisition time: 3min with sample, 1.5min without sample.

 X-ray absorption spectrum of a 6um-thick Ni foil. Comparison 

    to the spectrum.

 Obtained at a synchrotron (NSLS, resolving power E/ΔE = 5000)

 Shows the high quality results of the tabletop instrument.

 All relevant spectral features are present, allowing for the 

   determination of chemical compounds


  Chemical speciation and concentration ratios

  Compound research

  Short range order and bond length determination

  Catalyst analysis

Please check the table below for individual specifications

Product Brochure English: Extended X-ray Absorption Fine Structure
   Topology   X-ray tube source von Hamos HAPG spectrometer hybrid detector
   Energy range   5-12keV
   Analyte concentration   Own to a few wt%
   Sample mount   Turret mount for multiple samples
   Footprint   2.0m x 1.0m
   Software suite   Integrated system control, variety of spectra calibration and analysis functions

   EXAFS mode   XANES mode
   Resolving power   1800   4000
   Energy bandpass   1000eV   300eV
   Acquisition time   3min   8min

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 back-illuminated CCD from e2v (grade 1),

 enhanced process, uncoated

front-illuminated CCD from e2v (grade 1), 

enhanced process

Wavelength1-100nm( Best QE)50-300nm
 Pixels 1024 x 255 *
 Pixel size 26 x 26 um
 Image area 26.7 x 6.7 mm
 Spectral rates 200/s full vertical bin, 1000/s crop mode
 Minimum temperature -60° C air cooled
 Well depth

 500 000 e- active area,  1 000 000 eregister

 Read noise 12.5 etyp. at 500kHz
 Dark current 0.004 e- /px/s at -60°C
 Linearity >99%
 Vacuum compatibility 10-8mbar

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easyLIGHT (VUV)80 to  300~2.5nm/mm<0.1nm
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