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Light Field Sythesizer | SIMTRUM Photonics Store

Light Field Sythesizer

Light Field Synthesizer

We present the first commercial Light Field Synthesizer 

enabling synthesis and sub-femtosecond control of 

super-octave light transients.

Key Product Features

 Shortest pulse available 2 fs FWHM

 Overall transmission >60% @ 9 mm beam >70% @ 7 mm beam

 Parallel pulse compression of multiple channels: 

    <9 fs (700-1000 nm) <8 fs (500-700 nm) <10 fs (400-500 nm)

 Attosecond-scale delay among the channels

 Interferometric stability Short term passive stability: 

    <100 mrad Long term active-loop stability: 

    <50 mrad

 Incident polarization: s or p polarization

 Laptop and user-friendly software interface included

 Small Footprint: 30 x 20 cm2


 Specifications Capella
 Number of channels 3
 Wavelength range 400-1000 nm
 Required Input energy >290 µJ (700-1000 nm) >60 µJ (500-700 nm) >14 µJ (400-500 nm)
 Polarization s- or p-polarized input light
 Introduced dispersion > -380 fs2 > -370 fs2 > -560 fs2
 Temporal accuracy 2 nm = 7 as
 Maximum delay 60 ps
 Optics size 0.5 inch
 Overall transmission >60% @9 mm beam >70% @7 mm beam
 Footprint 30 x 20 cm²

Working Principle

Capella is based on spectral division of a coherent supercontinuum into three different bands (channels) by chirped dichroic beamsplitters. Using an interferometric spatio-temporal superposition a field waveform can be controlled and synthesized. All constituent pulses from the channels of CAPELLA are temporally compressed by chirped mirrors down to pulse duration of <10 fs. Introducing different time-delays among the channels enables the shaping and sub-cycle control of the field waveform.



  Left: Spectral splitting of the different channels. 

  Center: Parallel channel compression and temporal 

     overlap with attosecond resolution.

  Right: Passive interferometric stability between different 

     channels over more than an hour.

Due to its solidness, compactness and excellent thermal capabilities, CAPELLA can maintain the optical pathlength stable among the different channels for many hours. Furthermore, an extra active-controlled loop improves the interferometric stability to <50 mrad. Apart from the generation of waveforms, CAPELLA offers the shortest 

pulses available in market to date, see below:



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