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Spectrometers | SIMTRUM Photonics Store


SIMTRUM offers a wide range of spectrometers covering a range of applications ranging from Research, Prototyping to Industrial and commercial purposes. The wavelength choices range from Deep UV to Mid-Infrared. Refer to the table below to find a device that matches your needs. Accessories, software and drivers are available - complete your purchase with a packaged solution that meets your needs

Fiber Spectrometers(200nm to 5um)
Raman Spectrometer (532nm, 785nm, 1064nm)
Hyperspectral Imaging Camera (400nm - 4200nm)
Multi-Spectral Camera (VIS and NIR) 
XUV Spectrometers (1-200nm)
VUV Spectrometers (80-300nm)
Spectrophotometer (240-2150nm)
Technical Support Available: Contact us  You can download our full Product Line Card Click Here