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Function Generators
Function Generators

These models provide sine, square, triangular waveforms, with variable DC offsets. They may also be used as variable gain amplifiers. Gain and amplitude parameters can often be customized for special applications. These models include an internal function generator circuit and computer-control (GPIB, RS-232, optional Ethernet) interfaces. "Stripped-down" versions of these instruments omitting these features but providing the same output circuitry are available in our line of high-voltage amplifiers.

AV-151 Series

The AV-151 series is a family of high-voltage (or, for the AV151F, high-current) function generators and variable-gain amplifiers. All models include both an internal oscillator that can generate sine, triangle, and square waves, and a variablegain amplifier mode, which permits generation of more complex high-voltage waveforms. The ultra-high-voltage AV-151A-B operates at frequencies up to 3 kHz with peak amplitudes as high as ±500 Volts (i.e. 1 kV peak-to-peak) to loads of 100 kilohms and higher. 

The AV-151J-B operates at slightly lower amplitudes (to ±400V), but operates at higher frequencies (to 50 kHz), and can drive lower-impedance loads (down to 10 kilohms). The AV-151B-B operates to 100 kHz and provides amplitudes to ±200 Volts. The AV-151G-B family is similar, but offers a higher bandwidth of 350 kHz. The AV-151C-B provides a peak output of ±100 Volts into high impedance loads (> 10 kΩ) at frequencies of up to 200 kHz. For higher speed applications, the AV-151H family operates to 1 MHz and at amplitudes to ±50 Volts (into >10 kΩ). The AV-151D-B can drive 50 Ohms loads, at frequencies to 1 MHz, and amplitudes to ±30 Volts. For high output current / low load impedance applications, Avtech offers the AV-151E family, which provides a peak output of ±25 Volts to loads as low as 20 Ohms, at frequencies up to 20 kHz. 

The AV-151F-B and AV-151K-B, unlike the above models, offer current-mode outputs. That is, the output amplitude is set in terms of current, rather than voltage. The output current is largely independent of the load voltage, as long as the load voltage is within the specified compliance range. The AV-151F-B provides up to ±2 Amps with a compliance voltage range of ±5 Volts, at frequencies of up to 20 kHz. The AV-151-K-B provides up to ±100 mA, for voltages of up to ±100V, at frequencies of up to 10 kHz.

AV-153 Series

The AV-153 series of function generators provides high voltage (up to ±200V), high power (as high as 90 Watts) waveforms at frequencies as high as 300 kHz. 

The AV-153A-B model provides sine wave, square wave and triangular waveforms at frequencies as high as 300 kHz with peak amplitudes as high as ±200 Volts (i.e. 400 Volts peak-to-peak) to loads of 5 kΩ and higher, with average output powers as high as 15 Watts. 

The closely related AV-153AH-B can operate into loads of 1.2 kΩ and higher, with average output powers as high as 50 Watts. The AV-153B-B is similar but operates to 50 kHz and provides amplitudes to ±135 Volts, and average output power to 40 Watts. 

For still higher output power applications (up to 90 Watts), the AV-153C-B provides a peak output of ± 90 Volts (180 V peak-to-peak) to loads as low as 100 Ohms, for the frequency range of 1 Hz to 30 kHz. The high average power ratings allow the AV-153A-B and AV-153AH-B models to drive capacitive loads of up to 10 nF (e.g., piezoelectric devices), as well as resistive loads. The maximum operating frequency decreases and the rise time increases for larger capacitive loads. 

Please check the table below for individual specifications tied to individual products.

ProductVOUT (max)FrequencyImpedanceMax. GainBrochures
AV-151A-B function generator±5001 Hz - 3 kHz≥ 100kΩ250
AV-151J-B function generator±4001 Hz - 50 kHz≥ 10kΩ200
AV-151B-B function generator±2001 Hz - 100 kHz≥ 50kΩ100
AV-151G-B function generator±2001 Hz - 350 kHz≥ 50kΩ100
AV-151C-B function generator±1001 Hz - 200 kHz≥ 10kΩ50
AV-151H-B function generator±501 Hz - 1 MHz≥ 10kΩ25
AV-151D-B function generator±301 Hz - 1 MHz≥ 50Ω15
AV-151E-B function generator±251 Hz - 20 kHz≥ 20Ω12.5
AV-151F-B function generator±2 Amp1 Hz - 20 kHz0 to ±5VN/A
AV-151K-B function generator±100 mA1 Hz - 120 kHz0 to ±100VN/A
AV-153A-B function generator±2001 Hz - 300 kHz≥ 5 kΩ100
AV-153AH-B function generator±2001 Hz - 300 kHz≥ 1.2 kΩ100
AV-153B-B function generator±1351 Hz - 50 kHz≥ 500Ω67.5
AV-153C-B function generator±901 Hz - 30 kHz≥ 100Ω45

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