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Infrared Photon Counters

At Simtrum, we offer the following products as shown below. Here is a brief description of the various systems.

Super Conducting Nanowire System: The ID281 is a combination of simple and robust cryogenics, best-in-class time-tagging and control electronics to get high performance single-photon detection.

IDQ Qube NIR Gated: This system offers a gate input designed to avoid saturation or undesired detections. It makes use of the consequence of photon-absorption-induced avalanche event within the gate and quenching electronics to produce a dead time.This system can run in both Gated or Free-Running mode. 

IDQ Qube Free-Running: This system was designed to provide fast avalanche quenching and limits the afterpulsing rate. It allows the operation at reasonably short deadtimes of values that can be optimized depending on the applications and the efficiency level.

ID230 Infrared Single-Photon Detector: The ID230 is a Free-Running InGaAs/InP Photon Counter with Extremely Low Dark Counts.

For more comprehensive information, please click into the various systems.