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Non-Linear Pulse Amplifiers | SIMTRUM Photonics Store

Non-Linear Pulse Amplifiers

Non-Linear Pulse Amplifiers

Non-Linear Pulse Amplifiers are ideal for boosting TTL inputs to higher voltages, and driving 50 Ohm loads.

AV-144 Series

AV-144 models accept a TTL-level input, and boost the signal to a higher voltage, capable of driving 50Ω. Models are available with fixed output amplitudes of +30V, or with an adjustable amplitude of +10V to +100V. Other output levels are available on request. The 30V model may operate at any duty cycle, at pulse repetition rates of up to 1 MHz (10 MHz for the 10V model), with 10 ns rise times. The adjustable-amplitude 10-100V AV-144E1-PS model operates with duty cycles as high as 10%, and pulse widths up to 1 ms. The This model is essentially a “stripped-down” version of the AV1010-B pulse generator. The AV-1010-B should be considered in applications requiring computer automation.

Please check the table below for individual specifications tied to individual products.

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Input amplitude:TTL logic levels (LOW = 0 V, HIGH = +3 to +5 Volts)
Output :+30V, fixed+10 to +100V, adjustable1
Required load:≥ 50Ω
Rise, fall time (20%-80%):≤ 10ns
Maximum duty cycle:100%10%
Minimum pulse width:< 20 ns< 20 ns
Maximum pulse width:No limit1 ms
Maximum PRF:1 MHz
Propagation delay:< 100 ns
Input impedance:Standard:  ≥ 1 kΩ.  With -Z50 option: 50Ω
Output impedance:< 2 Ω
Overshoot:< ± 10% ± 1V< 8V (typically < 3V @ 100V)
Prime power:100 - 240V, 50 - 60 Hz
Dimensions:100 x 215 x 375 mm (3.9” x 8.5” x 14.8”)

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