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DC-Coupled Pulse Amplifiers | SIMTRUM Photonics Store

DC-Coupled Pulse Amplifiers
DC-Coupled Pulse Amplifiers

These DC-coupled pulse amplifiers are available in a simple DC-power module format and are also available in an AC-powered benchtop instrument format. All models will drive a 50 Ohm load. Many amplifier parameters can be customized to fit special requirements.

AV-141 Series

The AV-141 series of DC-coupled pulse amplifiers is intended for amplifying nanosecond pulses with bandwidths up to 800 MHz. Model AV-141C1 offers 20 dB gain (×10) and can generate ±3 Volts into 50 Ω, with 800 ps rise time and DC-800 MHz bandwidth. Model AV-141G provide up to ±5V to 50 Ω loads (or ±10V into high impedance loads), with DC - 20 MHz bandwidth and +10 dB of gain (×3.2) .The input resistance is 10 kΩ or higher. The unity gain buffer amplifier Model AV-141J offers ≥1 MΩ input resistance, and can generate ±10V into 50 Ω loads with 10 ns rise times. 

Models without the -PS suffix require ±15V or ±24V prime power, and come in a miniature module format. Models with the -PS suffix come in a larger bench-top instrument format, and operate from 100-240V, 50-60 Hz prime power.

AV-143 Series

The amplifiers in the AV-143 family were designed to serve as booster amplifiers for arbitrary function generators and TTL-level pulse generators. Model AV-143B is a linear non-inverting DC-coupled bipolar amplifier providing a peak output ±20 Volts, with rise times of 50 ns and voltage gain of +5. Model AV-143CP provides an output of 0 to +30 Volts with a gain of +7.5 (non-inverting), while Model AV143CN provides an output of 0 to -30 Volts with a gain of -7.5 (inverting). Both have an output impedance of < 2Ω.

Please check the table below for individual specifications tied to individual products.

ProductRise Time (20%-80%)BandwidthGain (V/V)Voltage (max)Brochures 
AV-141C1 DC-coupled pulse amplifier0.8 ns

DC - 800 MHz

x 10± 3.0 V
AV-141G DC-coupled pulse amplifier15 nsDC - 20 MHzx 3.2± 5.0 V
AV-141J DC-coupled pulse amplifier10 nsDC - 50 MHzx 1± 10 V
AV-143B DC-coupled pulse amplifier50DC - 10 MHzx 5.0± 20 V
AV-143CP DC-coupled pulse amplifier60x 7.5+30 V
AV-143CN DC-coupled pulse amplifier60x 7.5-30 V

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