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Stradus® VersaLase™ Multiple Wavelength


The VersaLase™ system is a fully integrated, plug and play, and self-contained multiple wavelength (up to 4) output laser module, which are 4 individually controllable lasers.

The Stradus® laser module patented sealed optical cavity and the innovative electronics give the VersaLase unparalleled power stability, beam pointing stability, and low noise over time and temperature. 

Vortran’s Graphical User Interface (GUI) software allows the user to control and monitor each wavelength remotely via USB or RS-232.

For More Information on the Stradus® VersaLase Wavelength laser system, Contact us here.

The Vortran Stradus® line of lasers are fully CDRH- compliant series of high-performance, circularized laser diode modules. Consult our technical experts at or click the links below to know more.

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Stradus® VersaLase™ 
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Stradus® VersaLase™  - Parameter

Wavelength (nm)

Output Power (mW)
Up to 250mW per wavelength (-0%, +10%)

< 1.25

Powerstability (24H)
< 2% from Fiber

Polarization Orientation
Vertical ±2⁰

Beam Diameter (mm, 1/e2 )⁴

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Motorized Actuator Adapters

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